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Location: Wilmington, NC, USA
School: SUNY Stonybrook
Major: Biology


6 Pickett Drive Wilmington, NC 28412


• Master Degree of Applied Science, Marine Biology
James Cook University, Queensland, AU (Graduated 2011)
• Bachelor Degree of Science, Marine Biology
SUNY Stony Brook University, New York, USA (Graduated 2007)


North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality – Wilmington, NC (2019-Present)
• Environmental Scientist for Marine Fisheries Habitat and Enhancement.
◦ Captain and navigate small craft vessels throughout North Carolina’s region 3 inshore waterways to sample Strategic Habitat Areas (SHA) with the use of gill nets, trawls, breeder traps and quadrates.
◦ Perform monthly site selection regime with use of ArcGIS programs.
◦ Standardized training for mapping of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) with use of ArcGIS programs.
◦ Data entry, organization and QA/QC
◦ Basic mechanical maintenance of field truck and boat.
Florida Fish & Wildlife Research Institute – St. Petersburg, FL (2014 - 2019)
• Biologist II for Seagrass Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration.
◦ Organize and conduct scientific field trips to collect data pertaining to seagrass health in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.
◦ Captain and navigate small craft vessels to randomly selected sites to snorkel and dive for Braun-Blanquet quadrat surveys, tissue samples and water quality sampling.
◦ Laboratory work including, mapping of seagrass patches with Arc GIS, chlorophyll analysis and epiphytic load.
• Biological Scientist I for the Fisheries Independent Monitoring Program
◦ Plan and execute multiday offshore research cruises for side scan sonar, camera survey and fish trap studies.
◦ Establish sampling universes and conduct random generated sampling plans with use of GIS mapping programs.
◦ Continuous side scan sonar data mosaic and digitizing, video analysis for fish counts and measures, fish identification, data QA/QC.
◦ Grant funded research project work in conjunction with NOVA Southeastern University and Florida Institute of Oceanography comparing side scan and satellite imagery for benthic Essential Fish Habitat.
◦ Aided with monthly inshore fish population surveys conducted throughout Tamp Bay using 600m/70m seine nets and otter trawls.
Mote Marine Laboratories – Sarasota, Florida (January 2014)
• Aquarist Intern
◦ Aquaculture maintenance and research.
◦ Food cultures, preparation and feeding.
◦ Water chemistry and parameters.
◦ Tank, filter and plumbing maintenance.
Cablevision – Huntington, New York (2011-2013)
• Cable installation Technician II
◦ Installed cable, phone and Internet services, and troubleshoot electronic system problems.
◦ Direct in-field contact with customer service issues.
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation – East Setauket, New York (2005-2009)
• Conducted research surveys: striped bass, crustacean and clam; catch and release field tagging, scale aging, water quality field collection, organized and analyzed findings.
Stony Brook Southampton Marine Station – Southampton, New York (2003-2005)
• Biologist
◦ Worked as captain and/or crew of research vessels for field laboratory classes.
◦ Managed several marine organism tanks for research and aquaculture purposes.
◦ Assisted in daily operations by preparing laboratories, transporting boats, repairing/building necessary infrastructure.
Stony Brook Southampton Coastal and Estuarine Research Program [SCERP] – Southampton, New York, USA (2004)
• Student
◦ Researched and collected data on Seagrass (eelgrass) bed distribution, biodiversity, and controls on growth.
◦ Conducted field research with Professor Bradley Peterson of SUNY Stony Brook University.
Atlantis Marine World – Riverhead, New York (2004-2005)
• Aquarist assistant and educator.
◦ Food cultures, preparation and feeding.
◦ Water chemistry and parameters.
◦ Tank, filter and plumbing maintenance.


• AAUS Diver Certified and PADI advanced open water Certified
• USCG boating and trailer safety certified.
• Skills with research tools such as side scan sonar, stereo/video underwater camera arrays, CTD YSI/Eureka sondes, seine nets, trawl nets, gill nets, fish/lobster traps, Secchi disks, Van Dorn bottles, Peterson grabs, etc.

• Spectrophotometers, microscopes, flow cytometers, pipettes, centrifuge, scales, etc.

• Arc GIS certified, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sonar Wiz/Pro mosaicing, Event Measure video reader, S-plus statistics

• Theta Chi Fraternity (2001-2003): Founding father and event planning chairman in a leadership-building environment.
• First Aid/CPR/AED/Oxygen certified
• World traveler, hiker,

Experience in painting and drywall finishing