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Location: Sacramento, CA, USA
School: Consumnes River College
Field of study: Radio Production


Sacramento, CA,
Email: ------------


Volunteer Experience

Volunteered in Radio Production. Worked with Garage Band, Adobe Audition, Performed simple switchboard operations.

Volunteered at Pet Smart back in 2008 Position: Supervised the felines.

Volunteered at the Japanese bazar in 2010 Position: Cashier.

Currently volunteering as a radio host for Yesterday USA.

Skills Summary

I have basic editing skills in both Adobe Audition and Garage Band. I also know basic radio studio operations.
I know how to write scripts.
I also know how to type. Basic computer skills.
I’m loyal, dedicated, helpful, kind, friendly, and polite.
Willing to work as an intern in Studio Operations. I’m willing to listen, learn, be trained, and help out any way I can to the best of my abilities.


Degree / Date of Graduation

High School Diploma
Hiram W. Johnson High School
High school GPA: 2.0
Graduated: 2011

Sacramento City College
Classes taken:

Spring 2009: First Aid Grade: B

Cosumnes River College

Graduated in Summer 2017

Certificate in Radio Production

Classes taken:
Spring 2016:
Radio Studio Operations Grade: A
Fall 2016:
Broadcasting: Voice/ Diction: A
Digital Audio Production: A

Spring 2017:
Intro Radio Workshop: B
Computer Familiarization: A

Awards and Acknowledgements

Type of Award / Award Description

I was the president of a club for special needs students in high school in 2009. In 2010 I was the club’s treasurer.

I was a substitute Co-Host for the radio station ------------ in 2015.

I was awarded the Sly Park survivalist award in 2004.

I was given the honor of “Official Texan” by the former voice of Texas state fair mascot Big Tex in May of 2016.

During high school graduation in 2011 I was awarded the Dorothy award for dedication to try and help create clothing for people with disabilities.

In 2010 I sent a letter to governor Arnold Schwarzenegger concerning supplying people with disabilities proper clothing. He acknowledged me with a response letter stating he was proud to be the governor of a city where people cared for others.

I began volunteering as a radio host for the radio station ------------ in 2018

Will provide references on request.