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Location: Glendale, Arizona, USA
School: Glendale Community College
Major: Communications


Adrian Wach
3538 W. Mescal St.
Phoenix AZ 85029 United States

Goal-oriented individual seeking a position as Community Support Team Coach/ Team Lead with upstanding organizations/ companies, in order to apply leadership and management skills.


Jan 2015 - June 2017
American Express - Supervisor
• Work with Engineers on site and maintain security integrity of servers kept inside the Information Processing Center
• Lead Security Guards in on shift duties with hourly radio checks
• Supervise Security Guards guarding bi-weekly contractual work/ events
• Collaborate with Site Managers & other Monitor Room Operators/ Supervisors on regulations, practices, training methods and metrics that can be improved upon
• Train New Guards of fundamental duties on site
• Assist with staffing needs and coverage needed in several locations around the valley
• Submit daily alarm checks paperwork via Excel Sheets, email guards of upcoming changes with policy/ trainings
• Remotely lead paramedics on site in emergency situations (Employee health, Fire Alarms, etc)
• Be the first point of contact for guards/ employees if they need assistance, or are unsure of how to handle a situation that has presented itself
• Remotely assist with airport security issues via radio intercom all around North America
• Work with 2 other Supervisors in tandem to be able to manage the workload provided. Shifts are extremely mentally involving
• Be the direct line of contact for 48+ security personel in Arizona stationed at 2 different information processing center. Also, be one of the direct supervisors for contact for well over 300+ security officers at AMEX airports in North America.

June 2017 - November 2017
Fairpoint (Work From Home Position) - Technical Support/ Level 2 Support
• Provide troubleshooting for Internet Service Provider equipment including modems and routers
• Manage customer service plans, assist with adding cards on file and fulfilling payments due
• Schedule for technicians to come out to homes per customer requests
• Troubleshoot email based systems, assist with email account management
• Moved up to L2 status, assisted with several different Firmware troubleshooting
• Assisted in chatroom management, provided assistance to L1's with ongoing phone calls
• Assisted with Google Hangouts meetings and advise of recent changes/ things the team should be looking out for
• Position required of tons of multitasking, while assisting customers with equipment troubleshooting Spark chat rooms still need to be maintained and L1 assistance still needed to be provided.
• Assist Supervisor with team goals, make sure that agent metrics are met & provide feedback to agents on what could have been performed better
• Monitor over team utilization standards. This involves the direct supervision of 8-15 agents daily

November 2017 - December (2018)
Ring - Community Support Lead
• Finished top of my class in the first 6 weeks of training
• Employed with Ring for 220 days (current)
• Passed Ring SAT, shows advanced knowledge of troubleshooting and company policy
• Constantly assisting in team slack room even prior to becoming a Floor Walker, whenever que is high I try and be of the most assistance as humanly possible to both our neighbors and my team
• Self sufficient and self motivated, always looking to make sure that the troubleshooting and work being performed are of the best quality
• Pinning items for other L1’s to use in troubleshooting, providing documents and information for other L1’s to use from call to call
• Making sure other L1’s are also aware of the best troubleshooting methods possible to help with personal stats and overall team goals to make sure our team is thriving
• Advise of trending issues that are surfacing to other L1’s, making sure that correct troubleshooting is being performed and problems are resolved in a timely manner
• Reaching out to L1’s that have missed prior troubleshooting, forgotten/ missed replacements and make sure that current standards in troubleshooting are emphasized
• Advise of weekly newsletters sent out, highlight key portions that will affect both neighbors and current staff
• Provide a personal touch when assisting both neighbors and other L1’s. If someone is going through a similar situation, or faced with a similar problem that I have, I make sure to give special insight on what out of box thinking/ steps I took to produce/ lead to a resolution
• Reviewed KPI/ Stats of L1 representatives to deploy best strategies for meeting ring goals in metrics. Creating a path to success for other employees as well as deploying these for myself. Its very important that we have goals set & are doing everything in our power to reach them. This is to better ourselves not only as Ring employees, but people. This leads to better work ethic, more responsibilities and better workflow.
• Assist in other slack channels/ rooms to make sure other L1’s are responded to and given more steps toward a resolution in the given situation. No matter if it to be issues with: Hardwiring, Notifications, Network issues, Processing RPP Subscriptions, Shipping/ Tracking, Unresponsive Devices, Battery Drainage, etc.
• Work with Scheduling/Monitoring/Upkeeping documents & programs such as: Google Sheets, Aspect, UJET, Verint, etc.
• Maintain the work flow of agent activities on teams that range from 8-12 employees to 21+.
• Assist in the creation of engaging content such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums, and blogs, etc.
• Work on site/ in house to monitor and report metrics and operating mechanisms to ensure achievement of business objectives (e.g. web channels, asset utilization, etc)

Class of 2013
Apollo High School (Honors Diploma)

• Lead Photographer for the High School Newspaper for 4 years
• Attended Art Club & assisted with the coordination of the club on a monthly basis for 2 years
• Young Life Club member, attended several camps and weekly club gatherings for 4 years
• Media & Design Club member, learned the Adobe Creative Suite and editing techniques to assist in the creation of the morning announcements for 2 years

Jan 2014 - Dec 2018
Glendale Community College (GCC) Information Technology

• A+ Certification training (1 Year)
-Glendale Community College course Certified
• Cisco adapters Certifications (1 Years)
-Glendale Community College Course Certified
• HTML/HTTP Certifications (1 Year)
-Off site Glendale Community College Certified.
• 6+ months Course work with HTML, accommodated through Certified Tech Joshua Gyder
• Microsoft Suite hands on training (Windows 98 through Windows 10) Trained through Certified Instructor, Joshua Gyder

Adobe Creative Suite Expert