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Location: Oceanport, NJ, USA
School: Stevens Institute of Technology
Field of Study: Biomedical Engineer


Anthony Fragale
Permanent Address:
15 Summerfield Ave.
Oceanport, NJ, 07757
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Cell: ------------
OBJECTIVE: Biomedical Engineer
EDUCATION: Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey
Degree: Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering
Major Subjects: Engineering Design 1 - 7, Calculus 1 - 3, Differential Equations, Multi-Variable, Introduction to Programing, Chemistry 1-2/Lab, Organic Chemistry/Lab, Engineering Graphics, Physics 1 - 2, Mechanical Solids, Circuits, Thermodynamics, Bio- Materials/Lab, Advanced Bio-Mechanics, Materials Processing, Cell Biology, Transport in Human Systems/Lab, Engineering Economics, Probability/Statistics, Techno Genesis

PATENT: Fornax Stent/Retrieval tool No. 62/803,179

SKILLS: Hardware: PC based systems, Linux servers, Apple based systems
Software: SolidWorks, C++, Java, Python, MS Office Suite 2015, Lab View, MATLAB

Lab Skills: Drill press, Band saw, Orbital grinders, Soldering, Titrations, Preparing chemical solutions, Spectroscopy, Building circuits, Cell Culture

Practical: Hazmat operations, CPR/AED first aid

EXPERIENCE: Stevens Institute of Technology, Office of Residence Life, Hoboken, NJ
Work Crew Facility Manager: 2/2014 – 05/2018
● Handle work orders
● manage off campus TV and internet issues
● Chaperon outside contractors on campus owned/rented property
● Direct work crew members when completing a job
● Take out trash from storage rooms, and organize said rooms
● Move dorm related objects around campus

Home Depot, Neptune/West Long Branch, NJ
Sales Floor Associate: 2/2015 – Present
● Work Sales floor to sell merchandise
● Run forklifts consisting of: reach truck, propane lift, order picker
● Straighten up aisles before, during, and after hours

ACTIVITIES: Formula SAE Club, Stella Maris Retreat Home, Volunteer Firefighter (Oceanport/Red Bank)