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Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
School: University of PR
Major: Journalist


Po box 363393 San Juan PR 00936
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AVAILABILITY: Job Type: Permanent
Work Schedule: Full Time
Position: Correctional officer
James W Turner Construction
Urb. Industrial Carolina calle Las Flores #4 Carolina, PR 00987

Administrative assistant May 2018- Present
Hours Per Week: 40 hours worked
Duties, Accomplishments and Relates Skills:

• Provide administrative support in a well- organized and timely manner.
• Keeps paper load, ink and other necessary supplies for the photocopier, printers and fax machine.
• Maintain control of the purchase of utensils and materials supplied by the office.
• In charge of daily posting of employees attendance in all the conferences and seminars.
• Keeps file timekeeping documents and correspondence.
• Types purchase orders, email messages, memos reports, and letters.
• Undertake the task of communications, to all corporate and general manners.
• Maintain diary, arrange meetings and appointments and provide reminders. Develop and carry out an efficient documentation and filling system.
• analyzing a program/project requirements and implementation schedules.
• Keeps records and creating an organized system to maintain the flow and quality of work to meet deadlines.
• Inform the supervisor about the activities with reports and projects in relation to the operational needs of the program.
• Executing and implementing procedures to promote overall effectivencess and effiency of a program area.

Fema US Government
100 street Brumbaugh, San Juan 00901
Inspector Nov. 2017- Jan.2018
Hours Per week: 40 hours worked
Duties, Accomplishments and Relates Skills:

• Perform inspections according to Fema specifications, on claim filed area assign.

Mesquite Production LLC
Ponce de Leon, Suite 602 San Juan, PR 00907

Head Management Office April.2017- Sept.2017
Hours Per Week: 48 hours worked
Duties, Accomplishments and Relates Skills:

• Preparation of financial proposals and estimates for projects. Execute necessary changes in prices and approved orders.
• Prepares receiving reports for each partial or complete orders received.
• Perform a variety of clearly defined tasks and administrative functions, including written and verbal communication.
• Ensure that the company receives all documentation of the paperwork made with their respective purchase receipts.
• Plan, organize, and carry out assignments as directed.
• In charge of the accounting/payroll. Keep inventofy supplies and equipment in the company.

Electrick Productions
Ponce de Leon, Suite 602 San Juan, PR 00907

Executive administrative assistant August 2013- Dec.2016
Hours Per Week: 40 hours worked
Duties, Accomplishments and Relates Skills:

• Provide office support by performing a wide range of duties and responsibilities.
• Make orders and verify that the charges made correspond to the orders.
• Work in accounting services, payment processing, invoicing, calendar scheduling, meeting organization, office supply maintenance, reception and internal and external correspondence.
• Assures that Approving Official signs time cards at the end of each pay period.
• Types a variety of cards, staff meetings minutes, forms, staff meetings agendas, reports, correspondence, from rough draft, or by extracting prescribed data from feeder reports, office administrative files and records, or other specific sources.
• Managing, supervising, leading as staff, assigning work and setting priorities.

PIC Group CO
585 Ave FD Roosevelt San Juan 00936-3393

Business development assistant August 2009- May.2013
Hours Per Week: 20 hours worked
Duties, Accomplishments and Relates Skills:

• Worked directly in strategic, planning, publicity and tracket provider.
• Make contact with venders to ashore them the best product and service and played role in preparing a successful proposal to retailers.
• Research and wrote marketing and financial feasibility.
• Ensure the purchase card orders are done via the detailed order option.
• Perform administrative duties to include schedule management, phone coverage, meeting coordination, report preparation, presentations, etc.
• Communicate verbally and writing with diverse populations.
• Developing, moniroring and/or analyzing detailed program/project requiredments and implementation schedules, in order in the priorities.
• Verify and analyze data to be able to present the concrete information to make business decision.

MAY 2016
MAY 2013

Language Spoken Written Read
English Advance Advance Advance
Spanish Advance Advance Advance

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