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Location: Madison, NJ, USA
School: Drew University
Field of Study: Environmetnal Sciences


I am described as passionate, energetic and driven to perform person. I enjoy helping, motivating, and encouraging people/organizations to accomplish objectives and achieve their highest potential. In my study at ‘The Forest’ or also known as Drew University’s school of Environmental Studies and Sustainability, I use my multinational experiences from living (Moscow & Dubai) and traveling throughout Europe, Middle East, and Africa, to shape and expand my knowledge on environmental issues across the globe. Driven by a passion for doing what is right in the long term, I know that I am built for a career in Environmental Sciences field.  My coaches and people that know me to say that I have always been a “work horse and not a race horse”. I am looking for a summer internship in order to stay true to that description by not only working but living for a more sustainable future.

• Drew University - Expected Graduation May 2021, BS in Environmental Studies and Sustainability
• Wilton High School - Graduated June 2018
• American School of Dubai – 2008-2015

• Environmental Studies and Sustainability 204- Environmental writing and Eco-Criticism – Spring 2019
o Introduces eco-criticism, the study of literature and the environmental. How is our understanding of the physical environment impacted by discourses of nature, race, class and location.
• Environmental Studies and Sustainability 210- Environment, Society, and Sustainability – Fall 2019
o Examines the relationship of human society to the natural environment from the perspective of sustainability. Consider how values, paradigms, policies, technologies, and their intricate interactions determine our current unsustainable relationship with nature.
• Environmental 150- Great Challenges in Environmental Science – Fall 2018
o Investigate the greatest challenges in our time:  human population growth and energy sources, Earths terrestrial and aquatic resources, environmental health and toxicology, global climate change and biodiversity. Not only studying the science and historical foundation of the issues but the political, and social dimensions.
• Biology 160- Diversity of life: Animals, Plants, and Microbes – Spring 2018
o Three domains of life, with emphasis on the fundamental principles that influence the form and function of organisms. Laboratory section employs the use of experimental studies of the morphology and physiology of the major phyla.
• Selected Topics in International Relations 260 - Environmental Security and Climate Change – Fall 2017
o Understanding contemporary climate change and its effects on a variety of social and political phenomena. Particular attention to examining the social, economic and political consequences of climate change in Africa, the Artic, and the Middle East.
• Biology 150- Ecology and Evolution – Fall 2017
o Exploration of the evolutionary and ecological processes while examining population dynamics. Laboratory includes a field based investigations of upland and wetland ecosystems.

• Senior Lifeguard (20 hours a week) - Westport YMCA– 2016-2018
o Managed handover supervision program, and open and close pool process.
• Group and Private instructor at Westport YMCA – 2016-2018
o Proven record of success promoting swimmers from beginner programs to competitive club swimming. Parents entrusted coach, performance based coach.
• Swim Coach & Instructor Greenwich Swimming School (GGS) – 2015-2016
• Lifeguard - Greenwich YMCA – 2015-2016

• Week Without Walls:  Greece, Morocco and Cambodia - Home refurbishment, tree planting projects, and contributions to orphanage 2012 – 2014
• Clean Ocean Action 2019 Beach Sweep- Morristown N.J.


• CPR and Red Cross lifeguard certification
• Open water and open beach certification
• Drew University Swim and Dive Team - Current
• Wilton High School Varsity Swim Team - 2015-2016
• Westport Water Rats - Westport – 2016-2018
• Wilton Y Wahoos - Wilton – 2015-2017
• Hamilton Aquatics - Dubai –  2010-2015