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Location: Aubrey, AR, USA
School: Collin college
Field of Study: General study


Sabrina A Acton

Job Type: Permanent
Work Schedule: Full Time, Part Time

Desired Locations: North Dallas Area


500 Richland Blvd.
Prosper, TX 75078
Aug 2018 – Present
Salary: $11.50 per hour
Hours a Week: 24 hours
Supervisor: Karen ------------
Overnight Stocker
Duties and Responsibility:
• Managing freight to be stocked in a timely manner
• Ensure store is neat and clean the next morning
• Greet all customer and assist them with finding store merchandise
• Ensure all labels and tags matches to merchandise and maintain count of inventory levels at all-times to maintain records of goods

Ebby Halliday Realtors
1170 North Preston Rd, STE. 160
Prosper, TX 75078
June 2017 – Oct 2018
Salary: Sales Commissioned
Hours Per Week: As needed
Supervisor: Cathy Skinner ------------
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Providing guidance and assisting sellers and buyers in marketing and purchasing property for the right price under the best terms
• Determining clients’ needs and financials abilities to propose solutions that suit them
• Performing comparative market analysis to estimate properties’ value
• Provide guidance and assist sellers and buyers in marketing and purchasing property for the right price under the best terms
• Determine clients’ needs and financials abilities to propose solutions that suit them
• Intermediate negotiation processes, consult clients on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and related matters, ensuring a fair and honest dealing
• Display and market real property to possible buyers
• Prepare necessary paperwork (contracts, leases, deeds, closing statements etc)
• Manage property auctions or exchanges
• Maintain and update listings of available properties
• Cooperate with appraisers, escrow companies, lenders and home inspectors
• Develop networks and cooperate with attorneys, mortgage lenders and contractors
• Promote sales through advertisements, open houses and listing services
• Remain knowledgeable about real estate markets and best practices

VA Caregiver Program
VA North Dallas Hospital
4500 S. Lancaster Rd
Dallas, Texas 75216
August 2015 –May 2017
Salary: $1980 per month
Hours per Week: 30 hours
Supervisor: Mandy Brooks------------
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Assisting with personal care: bathing and grooming, dressing, toileting, and exercise
• Basic food preparation: preparing meals, shopping, housekeeping, laundry, and other errands
• General health care: overseeing medication and prescriptions usage, appointment reminders and administering medicine
• Mobility assistance: help with getting in and out of a wheelchair, car or shower
• Personal supervision: providing constant companionship and general supervision
• Transportation: driving to and from activities, running errands, and help getting in and out of wheelchair-accessible vehicle
• Emotional support: being a stable companion and supporter in all matters personal, health-related and emotional
• Care for the elderly: orienting or grounding someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, relaying information from a doctor to family members
• Back-up care (or respite) services: providing other caregivers a break
• Home organization: help with organizing, packing or cleaning for a trip, or general house care and cleaning
• Health monitoring: following a care plan and noticing any changes in the individual’s health, recording and reporting any differences

AWG Mode Center
Allgemeine Warenvertriebs GmbH
Imanuel Maier Str.2
73257 Koengen, Germany​
September 2007- September 2008
Salary: $ 1100 per month
Hours per Week: 40 hours
Supervisor: R. Konitzki +49 07024/9714-29
Duties and Responsibilities:

• Greet customers and ascertain what each customer wants or needs.
• Open and close cash registers, performing tasks such as counting money, separating charge slips, coupons, and vouchers, balancing cash drawers, and making deposits.
• Maintain knowledge of current sales and promotions, policies regarding payment and exchanges, and security practices.
• Compute sales prices, total purchases and receive and process cash or credit payment.
• Maintain records related to sales.
• Watch for and recognize security risks and thefts, and know how to prevent or handle these situations.
• Recommend, select, and help locate or obtain merchandise based on customer needs and desires.
• Answer questions regarding the store and its merchandise.
• Describe merchandise and explain use, operation, and care of merchandise to customers.
• Ticket, arrange and display merchandise to promote sales.
• Prepare sales slips or sales contracts.
• Place special orders or call other stores to find desired items.
• Demonstrate use or operation of merchandise.
• Clean shelves, counters, and tables.
• Exchange merchandise for customers and accept returns.
• Bag or package purchases, and wrap gifts.
• Help customers try on or fit merchandise.
• Inventory stock and requisition new stock.
• Prepare merchandise for purchase or rental.
• Sell or arrange for delivery, insurance, financing, or service contracts for merchandise.
• Estimate and quote trade-in allowances.
• Estimate cost of repair or alteration of merchandise.
• Estimate quantity and cost of merchandise required, such as paint or floor covering.
• Rent merchandise to customers.

Deutsche Post AG Briefzentrum
Memmelsdorfer Str. 211A
96052 Bamberg, Germany
September 2006- August 2007
Salary: $950 per month
Hours per Week: 18 hours
Supervisor: ------------
Letter Sorter
Duties and Responsibilities:

• Primarily, mail sorters sort and deliver mail to the addressees or place it in boxes or baskets for addressees to find. They must work quickly and efficiently because they’re often responsible for handling hundreds or thousands of pieces of mail every single day.
• Mail sorters must review all outgoing mail to ensure that proper postage is applied and that all address information is complete and written legibly.
• Mail sorters are also responsible for keeping the mail room clean and well-organized, which requires performing some light custodial work.
• When mail is found to be damaged or incorrect in any way, mail sorters must route this problem mail to the proper department or return it to the postal service that delivered it.
• Mail sorters must inspect all incoming mail for signs of tampering or potential damage, due to the fact that dangerous items are sometimes sent through the mail.
• Mail sorters may also be required to wrap packages, apply shipping labels, and stuff envelopes to be sent out for delivery.

Obstmarkt Nr. 6
Feines fuer alle Sinne
Obstmarkt 6,96047 Bamberg, Germany
August 2004- August 2006
Salary: $950 per month
Hours per Week: 40 hours
Supervisor: Ursula Motschman ------------8
Store Clerk / Tea and Souvenir Shop
Duties and Responsibilities:

• Operate the cash register and provide accurate change to cash-paying customers
• Show customers the locations of items they are looking for and suggest complementary items when appropriate
• Greet customers when they walk through the door and ask if they need assistance
• Pay attention to shoppers on the floor and notify management of any possible shoplifting activity
• Restock shelves when needed to ensure optimum availability of products
• Unpack shipments in the store room and categorize them appropriately
• Place special orders for customers who can’t find what they need in the store
• Call other branches to inquire about in-stock products
• Prepare and distribute special-ordered merchandise


Bavarian State Ministry for Public Instruction and Culture
U.S. Equivalency: High School Diploma
Major/ Specialization: Salesperson and Store Clerk
Year: 2006
Collin College January 2016 – May 2018 completed Associate of Arts
Strayer University January 2019 – May 2021 completing Bachelor of Business Management
(Credential Evaluation and Authentication Report completed by Comprehensive Language Center, INC.)

Additional Information:
Proficient in a range of automated office applications and system; Microsoft Office (Word)
Typing speed: 40+ wpm
Able to lift a minimum of 30 pounds
Valid State Driver’s License
Proficient in German and English