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Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
School: CSUN
Field of study: Computer Science


Jose Cabrera
9824 White Oak Avenue
Northridge, CA 91325

California State University, Northridge
Computer Science (Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2020)


An internship opportunity that will introduce me to the industry of Computer Science/Software Engineering and allow me to utilize my skills in hopes of furthering my technical abilities.


I first plan to work as an intern to give me a sense and feel of how programming work is done in the industry. Afterwards, I hope to work either in AI technologies, the video game industry, or any other company that will further and enhance my programming skills, while still working on my own side projects. Eventually I plan to teach Computer
Science at either the high school or college level.


Critical Thinker/Problem Solver
Highly Organized/Detail Oriented
Diligent and Trustworthy
Collaborative/Highly Cooperative
Exuberant Personality/Social Skills

Extensive/Technical Skills:

Intermediate Skills in Java/Object Oriented Programming
Heavy Interest in User Interfaces/User Experience
Program Revision/Optimization and Time Complexity
Project Management and Organization
Programming Courses/Experience
Algorithms - Grade Received(A)
Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Grade Received(B)
Data Structures - Grade Received(B)
Computer Organization - Grade Received(A)
Advanced Data Structures - Grade Received(B)
Intro to Software Engineering Management - Grade Received(A)
Concepts of Programming Languages - Grade Received(B)
Programming Courses/Experience (cont.)
Operating Systems - Grade Received(A)
Database Management - Grade Received(A)
Web Engineering - Grade Received(B)

Work with GUIs and Project Design/Storyboarding
Experience with Unity3D Game Development (both 2D and 3D work)
Collaborated on Software Systems
Minor Work with Mobile (Android Studio)
Language Experience
HLA (Assembly Language)
Terminal/Command Line
Prolog (Logical Programming)
DrRacket (Functional Programming)

Currently Working On...
Android Application Development

Unity Game Development

General Work Experience
October 2015 - Present
Frank Del Olmo Elem. - 100 N New Hampshire Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Paraprofessional || Hourly Wage: $16.00
Tutor students in all academic fields (specialized in Mathematics)
Supervised students during hours of recess and lunchtime
Distribute materials between different classes, buildings, etc.
Event planning for students, parents, or any type of guest
Tech Work as well as Clerical Work

July 2018 - Present
CSUN Physical Plant Management - 18111 Nordhoff St, Northridge, CA 91330
Student Assistant
Working with Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
Created spreadsheets and data tables with Microsoft Excel
Managed and manipulated data using the CMMS
Clerical Work
Work in teams to manage and distribute supplies around campus

Isabelle Chung - Supervisor/Coordinator at Frank Del Olmo Elementary
Rob Harbeston - Lead Supervisor and Manager at CSUN PPM Distribution Center