Removable Denture Technician
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Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
School: Durham Tech
Major: Dental Technician

Removable Denture Technician

Ellis Crews Raleigh, NC------------


Professional Experience:

Dental Technician, Fabrication of Dentures
Elite Dental, Smithfield, NC May 2018 –
September 2018

● Responsible for manufacturing dentures according to schedule of work
In-House Denture Technician
Dr. Felicia Singletary
⦁ Fabricating dentures and partials
⦁ In-house laboratory
Dental Technician, Wire Bender, Pedo Partial
QC Orthodontics, FuquayVarina, NC 20132016
● Responsible for manufacturing retainers, pedo partials and sleep appliances
Denture Technician
Cosmetic Dental, Raleigh, NC 20122013
● Completed denture and partial setup and waxing
● Finished partials, dentures and repairs
Lab Manager
Dr. Michael T. JonesSmile Center, Raleigh, NC 20112012
● Coordinated the activities of workers in the lab
● Set up employee schedule so all work could be delivered by the date promised
● Fabricated quality fixed prostheses
● Responsible for precision buildups, adjusting under microscope, staining and glazing

● Fabricated high quality Crown and Bridge, opaque, buildups, adjusting and glazing
● Managed lab when owner was out of the office
● Performed all phases and quality control of cases coming in and cases going out
● Worked closely with dentists

Dental Lab Technician
Dr. James Chunn DDS, Raleigh, NC 2001-2005

● Made and repaired full or partial dentures, crowns, inlays and bridgework
● Created temporary briLab

Manager Head Ceramist
Quality Aesthetics, Raleigh, NC 2005-2011

dges with reinforcement fibrous cable; finished gold crowns;
festooning complete dentures; occlusal guards; custom impression trays; provisional and
bleaching shims, facebow transfer; trim casts, prep dies; and making casts of the teeth
and mouth from impressions

Dental Lab Technician
Dr. Marcia Lewis DDS, Creedmoor, NC 1997-2001

● Developed wax patterns for cast frameworks including pontic areas
● Sprue, burn, cast and finish cast cases
● Solder, arc weld or spot weld metal to removable appliances and fixed bridges
● Performed specialized procedures such as the fabrication of plastic and porcelain facings;
precision attachment restorations; crowns; and bridges


A.S. Dental Laboratory Technology, Emphasis: Crown and Bridge Techniques and
Complete Denture
Techniques; Durham Technical Community College, Durham, NC

dental technician