Receptionist- Rubio Interior Design
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Location: Spring, TX, USA
School: Lone Star College
Major: Nursing

Receptionist- Rubio Interior Design

Sabrina Cook

Having the opportunity to contribute my valued skills and experience to this company will benefit the company in multiple ways. My ability to work in fast-paced/stressful environments, having interpersonal skills, being motivational and dedicated, ability to learn quick, portraying excellent communication, and being an adaptable and cooperative team member is desired in a company/job like Rubio Interior Design. Being that I've worked in high-customer care jobs, I believe that I can contribute a pleasant and helpful front desk experience to guests.

Klein Collins High School | Spring, TX
Graduated Junior year, June 2018
GPA: 4.97
I graduated from high school my junior year. Over the 3 years, I have taken AP and Dual Credit classes. My junior year, I had the option to graduate early and I had to take 5 online college classes at Texas Tech—on top of my 7 classes. I put a lot of dedication and hard work to graduate early and I plan to proceed to graduate early in college.

Lone Star College (current) | Montgomery & North Harris, TX
Major: Nursing (RN) > Nurse Practitioner | Diploma expected 2021
On the road to graduating college in 3 years with a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

[October 2017] – [April 2018]
Customer Service Associate | Walgreens | 21106 Kuykendahl Rd Spring, TX 77379
Key Responsibilities and Duties: Operate cash register, provide exemplary customer service, be polite and friendly, clean around store and stock room (vacuum, mop, sweep), take out trash and clean bathrooms, organize stockroom, unload truck and stock shelves on floor, ability to work in fast-paced environment, know where everything is located in store, and help customers whenever needed. Answering phone calls and provide customer with answers to questions over the phone. I have gotten multiple great customer reviews and have gained a great experience of working with others and making sure all needs are promptly met.
Adhered to all store retail procedures and policies
Served multiple customers simultaneously in a stressful environment
Watched for, recognized, and prevented security risks
Interfaced with customers to determine purchasing needs, directed them to appropriate items, and recommended additional products

[June 2018] – [September 2018]
Sales Representative | Vector Marketing- CUTCO | 25100 Pitkin Rd Spring, TX 77386
Key Responsibilities and Duties: Show CUTCO- high quality kitchen cutlery, demonstrate using knives on multiple foods in person and on video chat, allow customers to handle equipment with guidance, model the items, and clean up table and kitchen utensils. Present in front of a married couple and recommend utilities based on interests and cooking needs. Ability to maintain interpersonal skills, be friendly, polite and open-minded, have the ability to problem solve and have strong math skills, enter data into website and handle orders online, via phone, or in person. Connect personally with customers and gain a connection customers will remember. I have gotten countless recommendations to see clients’ family/friends and have followed through with them and gained a great connection with each of them. I had the opportunity to take over this position for Vector Marketing for the summer of 2018. This job has given me the chance to immensely improve my interpersonal skills and helped motivate me to be where I am today.
Followed up with customers ensuring satisfaction with product
Collaborated with colleagues to discuss market strategies and information
Contacted new and previous customers to discover needs and show product capabilities
Informed customers about current promotions and sales, to encourage them to take advantage
Recommend products to customers to fulfill their kitchen needs
Sold around 45 CUTCO products in the span of 3 months
Identified prospective customers through the use of business directories and existing client leads

[Oct 2018] - [Current]
Cashier/Associate | T.J. Maxx | 6545 North Grand Parkway West S120, Spring, TX 77389
Key Responsibilities and Duties: Operate cash register, handle returns and customer concerns, provide exemplary customer service to all, take care of all return items and making sure they are stocked to the right location, make labels/tags for merchandise when needed, help customers with loading big items into vehicle, greet all customers/patrons, answer the phone to transfer, answer, and hold calls. Keep the store and back counter clean and organized, take care of carts, offer help to customers and make sure customers have a memorable experience. I have received many compliments on my work ethic and my ability to always make a customers day. I make sure the customer gets a fantastic check-out experience and assure they leave with a smile on their face. To date, I have been able to persuade 5 customers to get a T.J. Maxx credit card, which has helped the store’s reputation and marketing sales.
Accept and process customer payments (cash, credit/debit, coupons, gift card, store credit, checks, etc.)
Effectively communicate with management to ensure complete customer care
Inform customers about sales, promotions, and donations
Acknowledge customer issues and resolve problems quickly and efficiently

Outstanding patient care/service-- Ability to show active listening (empathy/sympathy)
Excellent communication skills—assertive, honest, polite, helpful, and optimistic
Customer orientation- build trust, meet past expectations, and maintain a relationship with customers
Use multiple computer programs (Word, PPT, Excel) and prepare proper documentation efficiently (TYPING SPEED: 80)
Following policies and procedures
High-Standard Interpersonal skills- verbal communication
Thorough attention with details and efficient with any work (procedural, tasks, duties)
Housekeeping/maintenance (washing/cleaning used equipment)
Multi-tasking in a fast-paced & stressful environment
A dependable and dedicated worker
Ability to create a safe, comfortable, and efficient environment for patients
First Aid CPR/AED CERTIFIED (03/17-03/19)

Awards & Acknowledgements
Graduated high school in 3 years (Top 10%)
National Junior Honor Society- All 3 years of Middle School
On the road to graduating college in 3 years with a BSN
STUCO- Student Council Treasurer (3 years)
Best Buddies- Historian (2 years)

*Any documentation will be provided in an interview.

customer service, communication, quick learner, PC skills, Interpersonal, multi-task, dependable