Mechanical Engineering
Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada
University: University of Windsor
Major: Mechanical Engineering


• Excellent programming skills using Python & JavaScript
• Extensive data management skills using MYSQL
• Excellent data cleaning skills using Python libraries such as Numpy and Pandas
• Excellent data visualization skills using Python libraries such as Matplotlib, Plotly and Seaborn
• Additional data visualization skills using Tableau, Power BI and D3.js
• Good statistical knowledge with excellent communication and analytical skills

Master of Engineering – Mechanical (Robotics & Automation) December 2018
University of Windsor, Windsor, ON
Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical June 2016
University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India

Customer Data Analysis for a Music Application April - May 2019
• Cleaned data containing over 100,000 rows and 38 features while maintaining the integrity of the dataset in pandas
• Applied statistical analysis techniques such as plotting box-plots and Histograms to identify the degree of data distribution as part of preliminary analysis using the Matplotlib library
• Visualized critical data using Tableau to identify important customer groups likely to opt for a yearly subscription
• Carried out customer segmentation to identify customer groups with the most reach for maximum marketing potential to future subscribers
• Applied the K-NN, SVM and Random Forest machine learning techniques on test data to correctly classify subscribers based on selected features with K-NN proving to be the most useful with an accuracy of 91%

Financial Statement Analysis of Sears Canada Inc. May 2019
• Diligently compiled relevant data from real company annual reports from 1997 to 2017 into one comprehensive MS Excel file
• Conducted extensive analysis of features that signified the company’s health such as Total Revenues, Diluted Earnings Per share, Assets & Liabilities and Operational, Investment and Financial cashflows
• Identified mistakes in capital allocation and senior management strategies that led to company bankruptcy using Tableau for data visualization
• Conducted analysis of strategies applied by competitor companies such as Walmart & Costco that drove Sears out of business

Visualization of Data Science Jobs across Canada May 2019
• Created an extensive job bank for data analyst and data engineer jobs that appeared on Linkedin from February to May 2019
• Visualized the acquired data by plotting job locations on a geo-spatial map using Tableau
• Successfully embedded the google maps into the data dashboard using Google API for real-time navigation to actual job locations

Visualization of FIFA 19 Dataset & Canadian Automobile Data April 2019
• Successfully cleaned datasets containing over 18,000 rows and 92 columns
• Successfully visualized data using Tableau for identifying the current best young players as compared to the five best players in world football
• Identified the most polluting cars and also the most fuel consuming vehicle classes of cars currently on the road in Canada

Data Visualization, Tableau, pandas, machine learning