RachitaRaj Resume
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Location: Boston, MA, USA
School: Boston University
Major: Supply Chain Management

RachitaRaj Resume

Technical Skills:
Methodological Skills:
• Java
• Demand forecasting • Inventory Buffering
• C++
• Statistics • Six Sigma
• MS Visio
• Process improvement
• Warehouse Management
• MS Office
• Aggregate planning • Lean Operations
GPA – 3.7
Jan 2018 – Dec 2019
GPA – 3.4
May 2012 – May 2016
Master of Science, Supply Chain Management (Logistics concentration) Boston University, Boston
Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Electronics CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India.
Export-Import Business Plan
Researched on general market and its competition and identified market opportunities for import-export operations. Used business simulation package and analyzed data for demand forecasting, financial statements and evaluation of plan efficiency and determined the product supply strategy. Analyzed risks and determined requirements, activities and managed to complete the project within the budget of $100,000.
Investment Analysis of a Publicly-Traded Company’s Stock (UPS) [Fall’18]
Studied UPS business and their financial health with data analysis and analyzed areas such as liquidity, asset utilization, leverage, profitability, cash flow and trends along with comparisons with the competitors.
Warehouse Distance and Location Calculation [Spring’19]
Analyzed the appropriate location for setting up a single central warehouse and helped the company reduce a cost of $727,200. Implemented inventory buffering and demand forecasting to improve the lead times.
Microbrewery Project [Spring’19]
Accomplished building a microbrewery after conducting research on the location, competition, price estimation, demand and supply of beer with the help of business simulation and decision tools. Implemented Six Sigma to reduce process time, cost and increase customer satisfaction and profit effectively.
Supply Chain Analyst, Greenland Tailoring House Pvt. Ltd., UAE [Jul’16 - Jun’17]
Reduced average invoice backlog by 20 days through transforming the purchase-to-pay process. Saved the company AED 75,000 through negotiation of purchase contracts and assist with forecasting of the materials and submitting demand plans to the production teams.
Electrical Engineering Intern, PowerNet Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India [Jan’15 – Mar’15]
Evaluated electrical systems, products, components and applications by designing and conducting research programs and tested electrical products and equipments.

Supply Chain, logistics