Rachel Smith Video Editor
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Location: Columbia, SC, USA
School: University of South Carolina
Major: Media Arts

Rachel Smith Video Editor

Rachel Smith

3843 Overbrook Dr., Columbia, SC 29205 *------------ * ------------

Detail-oriented student with strong technical skills and the ability to learn concepts quickly. Ambitious student who is completing coursework to gain a job in the field of media. Has experience with jobs requiring patience and proper communication with others.

 Human resource management
 Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom
 Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Excel
 Proficient in Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms
 Social media marketing
 Photography and video

Related Job Experience
Member of SGTV Productions
 Conduct interviews
 Meet with clients
 Film and edit content
Cru (Fall 2018- Spring 2019)
 Social Media Coordinator
Assistant Producer for 1080C Productions (Fall 2018- Current)
 Oversee content and release schedule for the documentary subsection
 Organize and hold meetings for documentary
 Work with Executive Producer to develop new ideas for 1080C
Assistant Station Manager for SGTV (Spring 2019- Current)
 Oversees master production schedule for a student video production organization
 Update staffer and official websites
 Keeping members informed of any updates
 Manage exec staff positions related to the daily operation of the station
SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge (Summer 2019)
 Photographer
 Videographer
 Social Media Coordinator

I am currently a junior working toward a major in Media Arts and a minor in Advertising. As a Dean’s Scholar and recipient of the LIFE Scholarship I strive
to do the best I can in all that I do.

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