Project Manager, Technical Support
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Location: Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
School: University of Saskatchewan
Field of Study: Food Science

Project Manager, Technical Support

Yustina Tjondrosetio
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Agile, analytical contributor, with an excellent track record of food industry experience across several manufacturers. Equipped with strong and well-demonstrated expertise with project coordination and product change management. Able to collaborate alongside like-minded professionals to create an efficient, compliant and forward-thinking food manufacturing environment. Well-versed in multi-function coordination, as well as business and project management processes.

Core Skills and Competencies

• Food Production Operations
• Product Innovation
• Quality Management
• Verbal & Written Communication
• Leadership & Supervision
• Problem Solving & Investigation
• Product Change Management
• Continuous Improvement
• Relationships & Collaboration

Professional Experience

Principal Technologist, Asia Pacific | Ingredion Singapore Pte Ltd. – Singapore Apr 2016 – Jan 2019

Overview: Joined Ingredion’s APAC headquarters, responsible for the assessment/testing of products spanning specialty starch, plant protein & hydrocolloid ingredients. Assumed a high-level innovation role to develop product concepts integrating ingredients into different applications including food coating, baked goods and snacking products.
• Created concepts for a portfolio of food partners across Asia Pacific countries, partner with commercial unit travelled to different countries to create, prepare and introduce concepts for customer roadshows in several national jurisdictions.
• Success idea pitch, brought a solution through to the Invention Disclosure process, with potential to open new streams of revenue, by actively contributed to innovation around the use of a diverse product portfolio to enhance crispiness duration for fried food products.
• Earned credibility and speaker privilege for a polytechnic institution in Singapore, on the subject of the company’s profile and product portfolio. Presented Ingredion’s innovations and expertise on the subject to an engaged audience.
• Self development to become subject matter expert on the food coating application process. Prepared material & resources to provide training on the process to facility personnel and technical sales and business development. Notably mentored two Singapore Institute of Technology students on their final year project on food coating.
•Spearheaded the facilitation of an ‘Innovation Day’, rallying the 18-person Innovation team to showcase new ideas and creations in a visible manner to the executive leadership team.
• Offered years of experience in the food industry to provide support and troubleshooting for technical product-related issues across the Asia Pacific region.
• Aspired to utilize Ingredion’s starch products in the ‘low moisture’ food category, exploring the impact and potential value or sales advantages of various ingredients on texture, taste, healthiness and the consumer eating experience.
• Completed extensive training to become a subject matter expert on Ingredion’s portfolio of starch ingredients, and on its existing methods for the modification of starch bases.

Project Leader Commercialization | The Original Cakerie – Delta, BC, 2013 – 2015
Overview: Spearheaded the prototyping and eventual commercialization of frozen food products developed by the company’s team of pastry chefs. Transitioned their vision for the product from an artisanal production process to one attainable at a commercial scale.
•Developed a lab-based understanding of the product conceived by the chef, followed by presentation of a plan for mechanical reproduction. Sought and secured approval from the VP of Product Innovation on the planned method of production.
• Served as a communicative Liaison with stakeholders including the Marketing team, Chef (product developer), Planning team, Operations, and Engineers responsible for procurement and calibration of new equipment.
•Championed a quality improvement project in response to customer feedback. Completed a deep dive on the root cause behind various issues and drove a resolution through liaison with stakeholders in planning, process and quality.
• Developed and launched a SR&ED platform claim in partnership with KPMG and product technicians, successfully enabling the acquisition of a tax credit for 2013.
• Applied knowledge earned from BRC training and certification to propose and create step-by-step processes which would ensure all departmental contributions complied with BRC guidelines in all stages of commercialization.

Sensory, System & Innovation Manager | Kraft International, APAC – Indonesia 2004 – 2012
Overview: Joined Kraft’s Asia Pacific operations as a Product Development Technologist, with success in spearheading new product development including the creation of Oreo, Ritz-brand, local brands and ‘In-A-Biskit’ peanut snack in 2005. After success fulfilling an R&D assignment in Malaysia, earned a promotion to a Manager role overseeing ‘sensory’, innovation and enhancement of product development and system knowledge management.
• Initiated & developed confidential agreement, collaborated with legal team, establishing joint-development with external party to develop new product innovation with unique texture and shape property.
• Initiated joint-development with supplier to expedite new product launch, as a pioneer of “out-of-the box” development process to supply product market test prototypes.
• Trained and established a high-performing Sensory Development team, with care to impart knowledge and skills necessary to complete statistical analysis around sensory food evaluation. Notably acted as Mentor to a management trainee during the development and successful launch of a new Oreo product line.
• Presided over the creation of technical panels, representing teams of subject matter experts able to analyze sensory properties on a human level as opposed to traditional food panel evaluation.
• Coordinated efforts behind a monumental cost savings project representing 60% of Kraft’s $20M USD cost savings target. Actively participated in conversation on global opportunities for supporting global sensory product development, quality improvement and business growth.
• Quality Management Standards: Held all aspects of this department compliance with the Quality Control Management System (QCMS), HACCP and Kraft Quality International standards.

R&D Specialist (International Assignment) | Kraft Biscuit Manufacturing – Penang, Malaysia 2008 – 2009

Overview: Participated in a memorable assignment to recruit, develop and train panelists necessary to support lean biscuit manufacturing. Among notable contributions, developed and introduced new ‘healthy snacking’ efforts emphasizing alternatives to frying and extrusion, which opened opportunities and increased output on the manufacturing line.

Flavor Development & Technical Service Specialist | Indofood – Jakarta, Indonesia 2002 – 2004

Overview: Contributed to concept development and nutritional innovation of instant noodle products, with notable success in ensuring the regulatory compliance of product export to several global markets.

Formal Education

Bachelor of Science in Food Science | University of Saskatchewan – Saskatoon, SK Canada

Industry Training
• Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Training & Certification
• British Retail Consortium (BRC) Training & Certification

Soft Skills Training:

• Basic Starch Training (Ingredion Singapore)
• Partner in Leadership (The Original Cakerie)
• Managing People at Kraft
• Understanding the Consumer
• Public Speaking Training
• 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Training


• We Invent Delicious Award
• Capable Award