Preston Pegram Resume
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Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
School: Georgia Institute of Technology
Field of study: Mechanical Engineering

Preston Pegram Resume

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA Expected Graduation December 2021
• Junior pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Computing and Devices
• GPA: 4.0
Software: Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Office, LabView, HSMWorks, Fibersim, Motec M1 Build
Computer Languages: Java, C, C++, Arduino, MATLAB, ------------, VBA, C#, python
Instrumentation: CNC Mill & Lathe, Manual Mill & Lathe, Water Jet, Multimeter, Drill Press, 3D printers
Parts Picker Desktop Application, Yokogawa (2019)
• Developed a .NET application to automatically generate parts lists from a scanned barcode for analytical products going through the assembly line at Yokogawa
Hi-Pot Testing Automation, Yokogawa (2019)
• Designed, manufactured and tested a fixture to automate insulation resistance and AC withstand testing of the 39 pins on TDLS8000 analyzers.
• Wrote .NET Windows Forms application to automate control of motors, hi-pot tester, and PLC
Engine Dynamometer Setup and Calibration, GT Motorsports, Georgia Institute of Technology (2019)
• Installed newly purchased engine on an engine dynamometer for testing and calibration
• Diagnosed issues and implemented a custom wiring harness and engine control unit
Intake Geometry DOE, GT Motorsports, Georgia Institute of Technology (2019)
• Measured effects of different restrictor, plenum, intake runner and exhaust header geometries, as well as injector placement.
• Used data to design an intake system that would provide the most optimal power curve
Fiberglass Oil Pan and Baffling, GT Motorsports, Georgia Institute of Technology (2018-2019)
• Helped design and manufacture an oil pan made from fiberglass, along with baffling around the oil pickup to prevent oil starvation and subsequent overheating and engine wear
Brake Force Testing and Validation, GT Offroad, Georgia Institute of Technology (2018)
• Designed a rig to test pressure in the brake lines and record data to a .csv file using LabView
Cost Effective Wind Turbine for Developing Nations, Georgia Tech Summer Engineering Institute (2016)
• Accepted to Georgia Tech’s exclusive summer engineering program, designed to promote diversity in engineering by providing high school juniors with a 3-week immersive experience
• Developed a prototype for a more cost-effective and less invasive wind turbine, that would be easily implemented in high-poverty countries; pitched plans to company executives
Yokogawa Newnan, GA
Analytical Instruments Manufacturing Engineering Co-Op August 2019 - Present
• Designed fixtures and machines to automate the manufacturing and testing of tunable diode laser spectroscopy sensors and other analytical products
• Calibrated and tested sensors with different gasses and gas mixtures
• Programmed desktop applications to control hardware and automate testing
Target Charlotte, NC
Sales Floor Team Member July 2016 – December 2018
• Stocked and organized shelves and helped guests by giving advice on products and locating items
GT Motorsports, Georgia Institute of Technology August 2018 - Present
• GT Motorsports is a Formula SAE club that designs, manufactures, and competes a formula style vehicle
• Responsible Engineer for Lubrication and Intake Design Unit, under the Powertrain Subsystem (20 to 30 hours/week commitment)
• Oversee and assist new members with manufacturing and design of parts