Pranav Resume
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Location: College Park, MD, USA
School: University of Maryland Collegepark
Field of Study: Robotics

Pranav Resume

EDUCATION University of Maryland College park, Maryland, USA Aug 2019-May 2021 Masters of Engineering in Robotics (GPA-4.0/4 ) Courses- Modeling of Robots, Control of Robots, Intro to Robot Programming K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai, India Bachelors of Technology in Mechanical Engineering (GPA-3.5/4 ) Relevant Courses - C programming, Production Processes, CAD CAM, Industrial Robotics. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Human Robot Collaboration Lab at University of Maryland College Park Aug 2015- June 2019 Aug 2019Present Research Assistant  Designed and Fabricated Prototypes for Force Controlled (Haptic) actuators  Developed a control system for precise positioning and force control of the arm using optimal control techniques.  Devised plans for several wall climbing robot prototypes which will be used for animatronics. PSP Bowling Machines- Mumbai July 2017-June 2019 Co-founder and Innovation Catalyst  Designed and fabricated the complete product.  Heading Design, analysis and Controls team.  Designed and implemented a control system for a 3 DOF (novel) system using LQR controller  Slashed price of the product by half compared to the market price. ACADEMIC PROJECTS Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV) Sept 2017- Nov 2019  Designed and fabricated different suspension incorporated AGV for negating traction issue and encoder slip  Performed Inverse Kinematic analysis of the designs and developed algorithms for navigation using wheel encoders and IMUs . Used the Mathematical model to develop a controller in state space form.  Used the Micro-mouse simulator available online to test planning algorithms. Used depth first search and breadth first search for path planning. Used C++ 11/14 and implemented concepts like Abstract Classes, Inheritance, Dynamic polymorphism etc.  Made a Track detector using canny edge detectors and Hough Transforms for an Autonomous vehicle in Python and implemented this using a Raspberry Pi on this Robot. Researched on CNNs for track detection Parallel Mechanism based Quadruped Robot Sept 2019- Oct 2019  Designed a quadruped robot which used a parallel manipulator for leg positioning with jumping and running as a design objective.  Performed Kinematic and Dynamic analysis of the system, simulated the system to get a trotting gait using MATLAB.  Achieved much higher energy efficiency and agility then general serial manipulators-based leg designs. Control of Inverted Pendulum Oct 2019- Dec 2019  Designed a PID, Fuzzy Logic controller and a Robust controller to simulate the control behavior of a inverted pendulum and compared results of all the controllers above using MATLAB.  Implemented a LQR and a LQG controller for a double link inverted pendulum to stabilize the system to improve performance of the above controllers using MATLAB. Team KJSCE Robocon Aug 2016- May 2017  Designed and fabricated a fully functioning semi-autonomous mobile robot.  Fabricated efficiently working angling Mechanism, shooting mechanism and stacking systems.  Participated in marketing activities for the team and connected the team with new sponsors. SKILLS  Programming Languages: C, C++ 11/14 , Python ,MySQL, Linux.  Design and Simulation Software: MATLAB, Solidworks (CSWA), AutoCAD Inventor, ROS, Gazebo, VREP, Tensor-flow  Proficient in 8085, Raspberry Pi, Arduino. Proficient in use of 3D printers, CNCs, Laser Cutters and Lathes.  Computer Vision using Python and MATLAB, Machine Learning

Robotics, Engineering, Haptic, 3D Printing, Solidworks, LQR, LQG, Automated Guided Vehicle,