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Location: Cleveland, OH, USA
School: case western reserve university
Major: math and photography



Yiqi Chen 20

International student passionate about Photography and Art. I took up camera from the age of 14 and never put it down. My favorite thing is shooting with film and processing film in dark room. Also interested in all different forms or art, such as painting, sculpture and expanded media. Coming from China and having studied 3 years in America, I develop my own understanding about both eastern and western art with traditional or contemporary. Art has been an important component of my life for a long time. In Cleveland, I live next to the Cleveland Museum of Art and a botanical garden, and also close to Museum of contemporary Art. These places had great enriched my life here and helped me to learn more about art.

2016 — Now: Darkroom developing and printing (traditional silver gelatin print), Cleveland, Ohio
Studied and practiced dark room skill at art studio in college for 3 years.

2019 winter: Gallery shooting — Cleveland, Ohio
Taking photos for a local painting gallery and recording creative moment for the artist.

2019 winter: Brand shooting assistant – Shanghai, China
Worked as a photography assistant for multiple clothing shooting indoors and outdoors for two months. Helped with shoot setting and lighting.

Traveling and taking pictures, always down for art exhibition and projects Experimental movie and music
Literature and philosophy

Case Western Reserve university Math Major
Art studio and photography minor
Have taken different art classes such as design and color, digital and film photography, painting and drawing. Dealt with multiply 2D and 3D projects and diverse art practice.

proficient in using digital and film camera
Familiar with Adobe photoshop and Lightroom, Powerpoint, Excel, Mac Developing and printing in traditional black and white dark room

English, Chinese, Japanese, basic French

Full time and flexible place

Visual taste and aesthetic appreciation, passionate, innovative and detail-oriented. Outgoing and communicative.

art, photography, mixed media, fine art, intern