Paul Borello
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Location: Irvine, CA, USA
University: Stanbridge University
Major: Physical Therapy Assistant

Paul Borello

I believe I will be great for this position as I have a passion to help people, and get to know them. I recently graduated from Stanbridge University, and although I may have less experience than other applicants, I will be the best candidate to be able to mold. I adapt quickly, and I take my time to get to know people. A time that I made a personal connection to a patient was at Intecore Physical Therapy. This patient was post Rotator Cuff repair and was new to the facility (as was I, beginning my affiliation). I was able to work with this person every week and connected with them though sharing stories of our hiking throughout Southern California. This patient would print out compiles of hiking magazines and would arrive excited to share stories every visit.