Patricia Olson
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Location: Lakewood, CO, USA
School: Metro State
Major: Early Childhood Development

Patricia Olson

Patricia Olson
1536 South Field Court
Lakewood Colorado

Professional Summary
I have an Associate Degree in Early Child Development. My Director Certification is updated to 2024. I know TS Gold, Core and other assessments.
• I have been at Thomas Learning Center for over a year from 11/12 and I am still here at TLC
• I had taken a break in between this time because I had a son in the Army and was shot and killed so I took time off. Periodically for funeral and then to sell my son’s house in Seattle.
• I was again a Director at Precious Little ones from 2014-2017 until they closed. You may try the number in the phone book------------ to see it is still there but not functioning.
• I worked at Kids Ink 1 and then Kids Ink 2 from 2010 -2014
Diane Salono was my Director and I was a teacher first and then an Assistant Director
I also worked at Children’s World for years with documentation to check.
I have four children and they are all out of college and busy with their own careers. Two of my children are attorneys and one is a paralegal. My husband lives with me in Lakewood and we both like to hike and walk.
I love classical music and I play in a Quartet with my viola. My favorite author is Fyódor Mikháylovich Dostoyévskiy,
Please give me a fax number and I can send you my credentials and transcripts.

Early Childhood Development