Passionate Graphic Design and Printmaking Artist
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Location: Chapel Hill, NC, USA
School: UNC Chapel Hill
Field of Study: Studio Art

Passionate Graphic Design and Printmaking Artist

Robert (Luke) Collins
445 Paul Hardin Dr, Rm 933B,
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Qualifications Summary:

Passionate Graphic Design and Printmaking artist offering three years of varied work and volunteer experience.

Creative Foundations: offers the perspective of a progressive, creative, and culturally-aware mind with a multitude of work and volunteer-related experiences; prepared to tackle any proposed tasks in the realm of artistic direction, education, and expression.

Key Strengths: Highly personable with proven leadership and interpersonal skills, creatively and intuitively driven, and exceedingly responsive to the delegation of work-related requirements.


Polk County High School, Columbus, NC
Class of 2018
Weighted GPA: 4.778

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Class of 2022
Current GPA: 3.713
Studio Art Major, Creative Writing Minor

Work Experience:

Photographer (2015-2018)
Photographed models and clothing designs for fashion designer Michelle Parisou. Images were used on her website to portray examples of her work (2016-2017).
Photographed homes for Jeremy Wood of SC NC Realty (2016).
Served as a photographer for multiple events within Polk County and other Western North Carolina communities (2015-2018).

Volunteer (2015-2017)
Served as a volunteer for various organizations throughout high school:
Tryon Fine Arts Center
Upstairs Artspace in Tryon, NC
Saluda, NC Arts Festival
Collected a total of 254 service hours throughout high school:
15 hours – Freshman Year
76 hours – Sophomore Year
78 hours – Junior Year
85 hours – Senior Year
Student Intern (2017)
Worked as a student intern for six weeks at Upstairs Artspace in Tryon, North Carolina.
Duties included:
Filing & printing important paperwork
Hanging and removing works of art from showroom walls
Repairing damage done to showroom walls
Greeting exhibition attendees
Creating invoices for special events
Recording gallery events

Student Fundraiser (2018)
Worked as a student fundraiser for the UNC Call Center through Ruffalo Noel Levits
Duties included:
Calling UNC Alumni and gauging their interest in contributing back to the University
Conducting surveys with high school students regarding their current interests and possible college choices

Accounts Co-Manager and Featured Artist (Present)
Works as an accounts co-manager for the Galore student art store on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, NC; sells artwork in the store.
What is Galore?
Galore is a student-driven concept store that empowers UNC Chapel Hill student artists to profit from their talent in both digital and retail environments. We work to remove the barriers that block creativity from daily life while building an inclusive and collaborative community around the arts.
Duties include:
Working with other staff members to run store during operational hours
Recruiting student artists
Helping student artists in deciding prices and renditions of offerable work

Leadership Experience:

Studio Art Majors Association (SAMA) & SAMple Gallery
SAMA Mission: To unite UNC Chapel Hill studio art and art history students, to inspire active members to get involved in their local art community, and to encourage members to take on leadership roles in the arts. We want to promote collaboration and to encourage support and communication within and beyond the art department through events designed around showcasing art and facilitating the exposure of student work outside of the classroom. We also want to foster a discussion of what the role of art is at a university. We are able to make this happen with the student-run space called the SAMple Gallery.
SAMple Gallery: Opened in 2013, the SAMple Gallery is a student-run alternative arts space dedicated to expanding the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s art scene by presenting multidisciplinary art art and ideas while providing a space for emerging artists (in the broadest sense) to exhibit their work. SAMple Gallery emphasizes risk and experimentation through the art of curation and takes its responsibility as a vanguard of culture seriously.
Freshman Year: Active Member
Present (Sophomore Year): President and Curator

Notable Achievements and Awards:
Published Photographer on the National Geographic website (2014):
Self portrait published in the National Geographic Daily Dozen on May 20, 2014.

Published Poet in the Summer 2015 edition of A Celebration of Poets book (2015):
Poem Her published in the tenth-twelfth grade section of the book.

Buck Preston Future Writer Award (2017):
Sponsored by Polk County Schools and the family of former Polk County High School Teacher, Buck Preston – students at Polk County High School are encouraged to submit a creative writing piece to a panel of judges for consideration.
Award: $500 from the Buck Preston Memorial Fund.

Featured artist for the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Fashion Mash club event Future Now inspired by Gucci: Love Not Labels Collection
Four pieces chosen that exemplify the word ‘protest,’ focusing on the AIDS/HIV movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s and its peacefully combative response to the outlook cast upon the disease and the affected queer community by the United States government.