Online English Teacher - ELT Consultant - IELTS trainer
Master in English Language Teaching
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
School: Universidad de la Sabana
Major: Master in English Language Teaching

Online English Teacher - ELT Consultant - IELTS trainer

Diana Gómez Páez

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROFILE:
BA on Modern Languages from Universidad Distrital, Master in English Language Teaching from Universidad de la Sabana and certified by Cambridge University to teach English anywhere around the world (ICELT Certificate). More than ten years of experience in the field of teaching English as a foreign and second language in different levels and grades and experienced in teacher training in ELT too. Experienced as well in implementing bilingualism programs for institutions or cities with different Secretaries of Education and the Ministry of Education. Competent in the use of technology to teach English in different contexts and levels, teamwork and decision-making skills for developing and carrying our new strategies as a bilingualism consultant for different institutions. Experienced also in the planning and implementation of immersion programs for kids and adults. Trained as well to prepare candidates for the IELTS -international exam-. Excellent English proficiency and willing to serve, teach and learn in order to give my best to obtain the most appropriate results and achievements with high responsibility level.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXPERIENCE:
Topica Native – Online English tutor for Basic and Intermediate courses. Teach Vietnamese students, revise the planning and material in advance and assess students during each class in three aspects: pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Register availability every week and attend classes punctually. November 2018 – Current.
British Council – Online Tutor for the 0913 Agreement with the Ministry of Education.
Teach a 52 hours course to two groups of teachers from Neiva and Cali online using Edmodo platform. The course is about the Suggested English Curriculum from transition to fifth grade, it is called TPETT course (Transition and Primary English Teaching Toolkit). Lead also two face to face workshops of eight hours each, one at the beginning of the course and the other one at the end. Mark all the tasks and give online feedback, also meet each one of the groups once every week for an online session. Write monthly reports on the progress of each group. April 2018 – November 2018.

Gimnasio Campestre Marie Curie - Bilingualism Director. Design, direct and supervise the implementation of all the process for the school to become bilingual. Recruit teachers, revise and guide the curriculum design in order to improve the students’ English level, train teachers in methodology and up to date topics in ELT. Design and teach a course for eleventh graders on Pruebas SABER 11 (national test). Lead the five departments that belong to the bilingualism team, it is, English, math, Social studies, science, arts and ICT. Supervise the implementation of the online workbook in high school, direct a blended English course for teachers. 2014 – July 2018

British Council – Pedagogical consultant for the 1550 Agreement (Bilingualism Bogotá) with the Secretariat of Education. In charge of five of the seventeen schools implementing a bilingual Model in Bogotá, design improvement plans with the principals and school teams according to their needs and guide them throughout the process of implementing a bilingual model. May 2017 – December 2017.

Gimnasio Campestre Marie Curie – Summer Camp Director. Plan and direct the immersion camp at the institution. It was an immersion experience of 4 days for students between 5 to 11 years old. I was in charge of all the academic (hiring tutors and camp counsellors, revising lesson planning of all the activities to be implemented and planning some of the sessions) and administrative logistics of the Camp (timetable, food, tents etc). Bogotá, July 2016.
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Universidad de Cundinamarca – Tutor - Train teachers from the Public sector on the Suggested English Curriculum for high school designed by the Colombian Ministry of Education (4 modules), the workshops were taught in two different cities in Cundinamarca: Girardot and Facatativá. Teachers were familiarized with the curricular structure and its components so they could adapt it to their context or adopt it completely in their institutions, throughout the course the teachers designed an implementation plan. November 2016.

College and School Books – Create and consolidate the Academic Department as well as training teachers on how to best use the books to achieve results in the English language teaching process in the classroom. May 2016 – .December 2016.

IELTS preparation courses – Design a course to train students to present the examination by familiarizing them with the test, type of questions and strategies to approach them. January 2013 – Current.

Pruebas SABER workshops. Design a complete course for PRUEBAS SABER – English exam and implement it at different institutions such as Mayor de Mosquera school and Gimnasio Campestre Marie Curie where the cohort of 2015 showed an increase of four points in the test after coursing the workshops. June 2014 – Current.

Universidad San Buenaventura – English Teacher. Teach three courses (two advanced courses and one basic course) to the different Majors offered by the university. February 2016 – June 2016.

Secretaria de Educación de Bogotá – Academic/Bilingualism consultant for two programs: “immersion rooms” and “bilingual education” in some public schools. Do the follow up and supervise the immersion program in thirteen schools, and the bilingual education program in one school, revise documents done by the British Council for the project, such us the syllabus for the immersion rooms and provide feedback. Supervise workshops and activities such as the immersion for teachers done by Universidad Distrital as part of the Agreement with SED for the two programs. I also participated in the language immersion program for teachers in Melgar. August 2014 – December 2015.

Secretaría de educación de Mosquera - SEM. Bilingualism advisor at the program Mosquera Lives English. Teacher training, methodology advisor, organizing activities and events in order to improve the teachers’ and students’ English level at a public school. Additionally, designing and doing workshops on methodology and up to date topics in ELT to all the teachers. Bogotá D.C January 2014 - Septiembre 2014.

Design and implementation of a Virtual Language Resource Center.
------------ . Bogota – Colombia, October 2013.

Instituto de Lenguas de la Universidad Distrital - ILUD. Intermediate program Coordinator, which means, revising syllabus, coordinating 27 teachers, designing final exams, being an advisor at the self-access center direction, designing syllabus and revising material for a new course at the university’s Masters Program, among other functions. English Teacher at intermediate and/or advanced levels as well. Bogotá D.C August 2013 – December 2013.

Gimnasio del Norte School. English Teacher of tenth and eleventh grades (Diploma Program). Prepare students for the IB Diploma exam, this international exam tests academic writing, reading and listening skills, I also had to condut the internal oral assessment. I designed and followed the program with good results. February 2011 – June 2013.

Liceo Boston. Teach Social Studies and English. 5th to 9th grade. Prepare Students for the PET exam (Cambridge test), Teach Entrepreneurship from 6th to 11th grades. Home Teacher 9th Grade. Bogotá D.C. 2009 - 2010

ASPAEN Gimnasio Iragua (IB). Teach English as a foreign language to 8th graders and prepare students for the KET (Cambridge test). Bogota D.C., 2008-2009.

Private classes. Teach English to executives mainly. Design programs according to the students needs. Bogota D.C., 2007 -2008

Centro Colombo Americano.
• English teacher in the Adult program. Teach Basic and Intermediate courses.
Bogotá, July 2006 to June 2007.
• English teacher in the Saturday Program. Teach intermediate and advanced levels based on a TBL methodology. Bogotá, July 2006 to June 2007.
• English teacher in Special programs (Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano). Teach Levels From 2, 3 and 4 to the different Majors offered by the university. Bogotá, 2006 Second semester.

William Morris House (Camphill Community). Volunteer worker. Helping students with learning desabilities in their daily routine and in college as well.
England, August 2005 – February 2006.

Colegio Jordan De Sajonia. English Teacher from kinder to 5th graders. Teaching English as a foreign language to advance and intermediate levels. Organize activities such us the English day and participate in the creation of programs and scope and sequence. Bogotá D.C, 2003 - 2005.

MCI. Simultaneous translator and guide translator with a group of Canadian people. Bogotá 2002.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- EDUCATION AND TRAINING:
• UNIVERSITY Universidad Distrital “Francisco José de Caldas”
Facultad de Ciencias y Educación.
Licenciatura en lenguas Modernas: español-inglés

Universidad de La Sabana
Department of Languages and Cultures
Master in English Language Teaching -
Autonomous Learning Environments

• OTHER Cambridge University
ICELT (In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching)

Cambridge University
CAE examination
Certified level C1 (CEFR)

How to teach IELTS
Cambridge English Teacher

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEMINARS AND COURSES:
• Basic First Aid Course
British Red Cross

• Sixth round table on applied linguistic issues
Programa de Maestría en lingüística aplicada a la enseñanza del inglés como lengua extranjera.
Universidad Distrital
Bogotá D.C
November 1 y 2

• ACCE Asociación de Colegios de Calidad Educativa
“Metodología y didáctica de la educación actual”
Septiembre 2010
• IBO International baccalaureate Organization
Language B (Diploma Programme, Category 3),
IB Workshop
Medellin, Colombia,
1/20/2011 - 1/21/2011
• VII Research symposium
Master in English Language Teaching – Autonomous Learning
Universidad de la Sabana
Chía – Cundinamarca – Colombia
June 2013
• Nuevo Paradigma de Aprendizaje en el siglo XXI
Universidad de la Sabana
Centro de Tecnologías para la Academia
Chía, Cundinamarca- Colombia
October 2013

---------------------------------------------------------------------- WORKING REFERENCES:

• Marta Galvis Projects coordinator
Secretaría de Educación Bogotá
Bogotá D.C

• Luz Rincón Academic Leader
British Council
Bogotá D.C

• Rigoberto Castillo Ex Director
Instituto de Lenguas Universidad Distrital
Bogotá D.C
---------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL REFERENCES:
• Edson Martinez Political scientist

• Fressman Avila ELT Consultant

English Teacher, online