Omar Flores Resume
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Location: Houston, TX, USA
School: University of Texas-Tyler
Major: Civil Engineering

Omar Flores Resume

Omar Flores
------------ •7326 Lamar, Houston, TX 77011• ------------
CAD Designer | CAD Drafter | CAD Technician Profile
Versatile, hardworking, results-oriented, and meticulous with almost six years of extensive experience in maintenance and engineering technology, mechanical and civil engineering, CAD designs, continuous and process improvement, and project management within fast-paced, highly dynamic, and ever-changing environments
Proficient at planning, designing, inventing and reviewing mechanical designs and products, inscribing comprehensive reports, and managing projects; with the aim of complying to specifications. Adept in product design and fabrication, schematics, instrumentation, equipment schemes, and maximizing form, fit, and function through meticulous design model evaluations. Well versed in assembly, cost effective initiatives, and lean manufacturing. Backed by advanced skills in MS Office, CAD tools, and other engineering and design software; capable of employing various equipment and applying concepts for component design, layout, and assembly. Communicative and personable; able to work in teams and independently, learn new techniques, and adapt to new environments easily and quickly with absolute professionalism.
Core Competencies:
 Engineering Design Principles  Project Management  Leadership & Teamwork
 Material Properties  Manufacturing Processes  Organizational Skills
 Critical & Analytical Thinking  2D/3D Modeling  Time Management
 Computer-Aided Design  Geometric Modeling  Attention to Detail
 Data Acquisition & Analysis  Regulatory Compliance  Interpersonal Skills
 Lean Manufacturing  Complex Problem Solving  Verbal/Nonverbal Communication
Software: AutoCAD; Civil 3D; Inventor; Microsoft Office
Assembler 2016 – Present
Related Skills: AutoCAD, Blueprint Interpretation, Product Design & Fabrication, Engineering Design Principles, 3D Modeling, Computer Aided Designs, Technical Reporting & Documentation, Continuous Lean Manufacturing, Design Drafting, Process Improvement, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Data Management, Manufacturing Processes
Interpret blueprints, drawings, and sketches, prepare drafts for production designs, and conduct assembly operations on components, sub-assemblies, and assemblies. Analyze tasks and products for errors in the effort to correct and modify issues identified as per industry and company standards. Facilitate the development of new graphics, operations of the production line, and the application of engineering theory and/or mathematical calculations to achieve the completed design. Employ expertise of standard drafting practices and procedures to model future and potential project layouts.
Selected Contributions & Achievements:
 Act as a Material Handler; in charge of managing data essential for the accurate production of 3D models.
 Successfully deployed tasks to appropriate personnel following the design and construction of compliant projects that utilized engineering principles.
 Minimized downtime by optimally operating machines that meet company expected goals.
 Consistently designed lean structures that eliminated manufacturing waste for production lines.
 Increased quality and efficiency by proposing process improvements and implementing the khan-ban system.
 Effectively improved existing graphics through comprehensive experimentation and innovation.
Undergraduate Civil Engineering Student 2013 –Present
Related Skills: AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit, Reporting & Documentation, Attention-to-Detail, Material Properties, Leadership, Teamwork, Complex Problem Solving, Geometric (2D/3D) Modeling, Data Analysis; Engineering Design Principles, Inventor
Apply technical knowledge of mathematics, sciences, and engineering principles to design, construct, and enhance possible infrastructures within today's society. Acquire knowledge on how to accurately estimate materials, construct Culvert 3D models, utilize grading tools and commands, and perform structural analysis and designs on underground pipes, alignments, sections and cross sections, subdivision street and roads, and storm and sanitary sewers. Identify, formulate, and solve problems during research experiments. Demonstrate responsibility while working with cross-functional teams.
Selected Contributions & Achievements:
 Obtained personalized education on the fundamentals of Civil 3D and AutoCAD; to guarantee optimal functionality of assigned tasks.
Technical Specialist 2015 – 2016
Related Skills: Manufacturing Processes, Technical Support, Material Properties, Instrumentation, Product Design and Fabrication, Data Analysis, Reporting & Documentation,
Streamlined and managed the manufacturing of various brain catheters by implementing the effective use of technology to assess, analyze, and design solutions to aid in the successful achievement of company goals. Provided continuous technical support by calibrating catheters and soldering, assembling, and testing products. Adhered to standard operating procedures with the aim of successfully completing all assigned tasks within the highest quality possible.
Selected Contributions & Achievements:
 Exhibited exceptional dexterity and hand-eye coordination during the execution, testing, and calibrating of catheters
 Successfully enhanced analytical skills by conducting water/pressure tests on the brain catheters and recording necessary data of analytical results.

Customer Service Specialist 2013 – 2015
Related Skills: Data Acquisition & Analysis, Technical Support, Job Site Safety, Reporting & Documentation, Attention-to-Detail, Material Properties, Leadership, Teamwork, Customer Support, Complex Problem Solving, Engineering Design Principles
Facilitated aisle layouts, maintained overall inventory, and implemented active forms of communication to ensure consistent product knowledge, management of company systems, and continuous flow of information to clients in need. Undertook various duties pertaining to the assessment and diagnosis of hardware and software issues, installation of software, on-site assembly and disassembly of systems, to diagnose and repair issues, and the identification of inventory discrepancies. Generated comprehensive reports detailing information requested, acquired, and utilized, problems identified, troubleshooting techniques performed, and solutions rendered.
Selected Contributions & Achievements:
 Served as a Designator Stocker; responsible for categorizing, labeling, and monitoring store inventory.
 Received the honor of independently operating the sales floor for three separate departments
 Successfully awarded a tech position after consistently employing skills to run tests and diagnose customers PC’s.
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 2021| University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX

CAD, Civil Engineering, AutoCAD, Civil 3D