Noor Elmaghrabi
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Location: Apex, NC, USA
School: Meredith College
Major: Political Science w/ concentration in pre-law

Noor Elmaghrabi

Meredith College, Raleigh, NC Anticipated Graduation 2021
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science w/ concentration in Pre-Law
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Minor in Arabic and Religious Ethics

International Experience
Egypt 2016-2018
o Guest speaker at Rotaract Club of Alexandria Sunrise for cultural awareness
o Volunteered for Rotaract Club of Alexandria Sunrise
o Private tutor for all ages in English and History

Language Proficiency
o Fluent in speaking and writing in English and Arabic

Leadership Experience
Co-founder and President of Arab Culture Club, Meredith College, Raleigh, NC 2017- Present
o Founded new organization to create a platform for Arabs in Meredith College
o Founded Arab Culture Club to help foster an appreciation for the Arabic language and Arab culture among Meredith students of all backgrounds.
o Represent the face of the club
o Preside and manage meetings of at least 20 members
o Plan and coordinate fundraisers and events

Ethics Bowl 2017- Present
o Competed in NCICU ethics bowl
o Developed persuasive oral argument skills
o Worked diligently with a team improving critical reasoning skills

Wake Med Volunteer, Raleigh, NC 2015-2017
o Contributed hours of service to patients, families and visitors
o Helped provide a fun place for kids
o Responsible for getting visitors to their proper location

Undergrad Research 2019
The Square: The Egyptian Revolution Through the Eyes of the Revolutionaries
o Conducted research on the nonrealistic techniques used in the documentary, how the events of the Egyptian Revolution were portrayed in the film and how it compared to Egyptian state media
o Collected and analyzed data from the Egyptian State Media in order to make evidence-based comparison
o Presented research at the Pop Culture Association National Conference 2019

Relevant Experience
Moory Tobacco Outlet, Durham 2015-2018
o Worked for a small business helping it start out, in charge of inventory and invoices
o Designed and handed out fliers promoting the store