Nonprofit Resume
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Location: Arlington, MA, USA
School: Syracuse University
Field of study: Political Science

Nonprofit Resume

Mariana Rufin
144 Wildwood Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts

OBJECTIVE: To gain experience working for a not for profit organization and understand the various tasks and skills required to operate one, as well as gain a deeper understanding of how policy relates to the non profit sector. A temporary position under such an organization would be a very valuable experience for me, because I aspire to be a part of such an organization in the future. The best way to realize this career goal is to familiarize myself with the environment of a nonprofit.

EDUCATION: Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Maxwell School of Public Policy, School of Arts and Sciences
Major: Dual major in Political Science and Environment, Sustainability, and Policy Current GPA: 3.6

• Community Engagement in Not-for-profits: discussed how to set up your own not-for-profit organization, explored the wider implications of promoting a social good
• American National Government and Politics:
American political institutions and basic principles
• Introduction to Political Analysis: Introduction to important political science concepts, basics of political argumentation and reasoning basic quantitative research and analysis techniques.

SKILLS: Working with young children and teenagers in an academic setting, writing and research, some fluency in Spanish, public speaking and oral presentation

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Part Time Volunteer at Food Link Org Arlington, MA (June-August 2019) Helped distribute food items donated from grocery stores and local farms to poor communities, local organizations, and food pantries. This also included a regular volunteer position at the Food Link office where I organized their bank statements and miscellaneous records of monthly food distribution, donor location tracking, etc.
English Language Intern at the CRS Institute Le Bel Strasbourg, France (September- December 2018) Part time position tutoring college-level French university students with English. My duties at the CRS involved aiding with exercises and assignments, but also giving oral presentations and hosting debates and activities with the students.
Goat Herder at Massachusetts Audubon Society Belmont, MA (July-August 2019) Tended to goats that are used for weed and shrub maintenance and took part in sessions where younger campers at the location would interact with the goats and learn about their environmental significance.

ReneĢe Crown Honors Program Syracuse University
Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority
Engagement Program Syracuse University

INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: Studied Abroad in Strasbourg, France during the fall semester of 2018-2019 academic year Internship at the CRS Institute Le Bel of the University of Strasbourg