Noha Yehia Resume
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Location: Boston, MA, USA
School: Boston University
Major: Engineering

Noha Yehia Resume

Boston University College of Engineering Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
May 2019 ​Cumulative GPA: 3.35

Professional Skills
ANSYS​, Solidworks, Matlab, PTC Creo, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Excel

2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar, 2019 Student Leadership Award

Experience/Leadership Design Engineer
General Electric Aviation
May 2019- Present
● Collaborate with a team of engineers to design and maintain structural engine components
● Develop repair procedure material for engine parts to combat replacement of parts

Engineering Design Intern May 2018-August 2017
General Electric Oil and Gas
● Collaborate with a team of engineers to produce CAD models and drawings via SolidWorks
● Perform durability and performance tests for various electrical components
● Develop new structural designs that satisfied explosion proof certifications.

Mechanics/Statics and CAD Teaching Assistant Dec. 2016-Jan 2019
Boston University College of Engineering
● Provide learning assistance in class lectures while students are working through group problems
● Conduct office hours to answer questions on course material and homework problems

Fluid Dynamics Research Assistant May 2017- Sept. 2017
Boston University Fluids Laboratory
● Develop script to track the projection of particles and locate their maximum height using image processing toolbox in Matlab
● Perform experiments using high speed photography and analyze data with Matlab code

Kidney Stone Dilator
● Redesigned dilators used in PCNL operations to develop low cost reusable option for use in low income countries
● Tested feasibility via ANSYS FEA modelling to prove dilation technique did not damage tissue

2.5 Axis Pancake Art Machine
● Built and designed a lightweight, quick assembly pancake art machine for recreational use
● Collaborated with team members to develop design and test operational feasibility

Methane Gas Detector
● Produced drawings and CAD models for gas detector initial design via Solidworks
● Conducted performance and safety testing of various electrical components

Fashion, Writing, Editor