Niralee Kamdar_Visual Communication Designer
Design Communication Arts
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
School: University of California Los Angeles
Major: Design Communication Arts

Niralee Kamdar_Visual Communication Designer

I am currently enrolled in the last quarter of the program, Design Communication Arts at the University of California Los Angeles Extension. Once I graduate in September, I am incredibly excited to take up a full-time job. As a proficient student and a versatile professional with more than 8 years of prior experience as a Brand Visualiser and Graphic Designer, I am ready to take a new role.

Currently working as a Graphic Design Intern (remote) at The Balloon Has LLC., Tamarac, Florida (2020)
Rebranding the brand entirely, new logo, tagline, brand guide and other collaterals.

Currently working as a Gallery Ambassador at Hammer Museum, Westwood, Los Angeles (2019-2020)
It is a part-time job that combines the responsibilities of art protection with museum information and art appreciation. I’m responsible for monitoring the gallery spaces and protecting the art while engaging with the public to answer questions and provide information about the exhibits and the Hammer.

Freelance - Brand Manager, Ahmedabad, India (2018)
I had two different clients who owned different businesses across the globe.One was an ice-cream brand with retail shops and machine manufacturing Other was an online professional network exclusively for medical professionals and healthcare organisations spread across India. Also, I worked on few small scale projects that came up during that period. They were all related to brand identity and designing collaterals such as business system, posters, brochure, website and social media content design.

Art Director, Piramal Sarvajal, Ahmedabad, India (2015 - 2017)
Responsible for conceptualising, designing & execution of all the branding and advertising collaterals for the home brand that had its presence over 20 states of India.

Jr. Art Director, Niksun AD. World, Ahmedabad, India (2011 - 2014)
Responsible for conceptualising and designing pitch presentations, ideation for advertising campaigns across media, brand identity, re-branding, packaging and other collateral design.

Design Communication Arts

The program is called Design Communication Arts. It's best for professionals like me, who have some skills and want to hone the latest tools and techniques, learn the best industry standards from professors who are experts in their filed and give real life experience to the students by making them work on projects, just the way they work at their offices. I learnt a lot!

Crafting Creative Communications (Art Direction)

This program is called Crafting Creative Communications, I specialised in Art Direction. Its courses leaned towards learning how to ideate, for those who want to work as ideators and brand visualisers. Who are not only strong design wise but also idea wise. Those who knows what it takes to bring business and how to do the story telling in the best manner through any media whether it be Print, Radio or TV. I loved this program and soon after this I started working in an Advertising Agnecy as a junior Art Director.

DC Patel School of Architecture, 2006
Bachelor of Interior Design

I did my Bachelors in Interior Designing. It was different than what I ultimately choose as my career. But this program had subjects like basic design, pottery making, technical drawings, etc. It bought me a step forward in understanding an applied arts field, wherin there are endless possibilities of what one can do if one is inclined towards creativity and business.

Conceptualising 360 degree campaigns for brands, Creative Advertising, Identity Design, Brand Refresh or Extension, Typography, Layout and Composition, Colour Theory, Creating a Tagline, Signage, Entertainment Design, Publication Design, Packaging Design, Making and Delivering Pitch Presentations, Client Servicing, Dealing with Vendors.

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Keynote, Pages.

Smile on someone’s face, urgency to help, constantly creating something new, evoking positive emotions, sharing ideas and constantly learning from people and life.

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Graphic Designer, Brand Designer, Visual Designer, Art Director