Niki Wiggam's Resume
Elementary Education
Location: Rexburg, ID, USA
School: BYU-Idaho
Major: Elementary Education

Niki Wiggam's Resume

Strong work ethic
Great time management
Meeting new people

Pay too much attention to detail
Have trouble making decisions

Educational Background:

I graduated high school in 2014 from Indian Creek High School in Wintersville, Ohio. I then started attending BYU-Idaho and plan on graduating in December 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

Work History:

I worked at two Wendy’s franchises and I now work as a substitute teacher for Sparta School District in Sparta, Missouri. I also have spent much time babysitting and housekeeping. I have learned so many wonderful lessons from these jobs that I apply to my life daily. Between these three jobs, I have met people from all walks of life and I have learned that everyone deserves kindness, even if they aren’t always kind to others. I have learned to make quick decisions on my feet and I have learned how to have a solid work ethic. None of these jobs were easy and they proved difficult in different ways. I have learned patience and I have learned to push through and always do my best even if I don’t feel like my best is good enough. I knew I wouldn’t have these jobs forever so I wanted to learn and grow while I had them as much as possible. I loved all of the opportunities that I had to meet new people and connect with them on different levels. I served people who barely spoke English, I served children who came from broken homes, and I served people who acted out because they weren’t getting the love and kindness they needed. Everyone deserves kindness and respect and I love working with people because I know that I will treat them the right way, and I hope that that will influence their lives.


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