Nicole Kromer
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Location: New Braunfels, TX, USA
School: Austin community college
Major: Social work

Nicole Kromer

Nicole Kromer
295 Rosewood Ave• New Braunfels TX • 78130
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PROFILE Enthusiastic and resourceful, with a professional background in social services and data collection. Ability to establish priorities and meet deadlines head-on. Skilled in developing relationships and providing above and beyond individual service that is result-oriented and solutions-focused while maintaining a compassionate outlook.
SKILLS • Exceptional workflow management as well as strong problem
solving aptitude. Culturally- sensitive with strong verbal and written
communication skills
Knowledge in a variety of programs such as MS office, QuickBooks, Excel, Salesforce, Avimarks, etc. Strength in data and case collection
Personable and friendly with great ability to de-escalate high crises situation. Hard working, good with labor intense jobs.
Familiar with working with high risk youth, substance abuse, mental abuse, and domestic violence as well as sexual assault.

EXPERIENCE Johnson’s Backyard Organic Farm
Volunteer Coordinator| 5919 Hergotz Ln, Austin, TX | September 2017-currently
Manager : Tracy Whitehead Phone #------------
Lead and recruited large groups to join a safe environment that took on daily planning to fulfill community orders for organic produce.
Was fluid and instrumental in planning and organization to make sure sales were met and also orders were processed in time so that volunteers and the company itself had the tools it needed to maintain productivity.
Used office word, google doc, and excel to coordinate scheduling and also keep track of necessary events coming up and individuals needs and goals to reach numbers necessary.
Fostered encouraging and educational relationships with volunteer, and also used those communication skills for recruitment needs. Took each day to also take all volunteers through safety training and orientation so everyone always felt aware of needs and independently comfortable meeting daily objectives together.
Maintained very present in all farm positions and needs to ensure a stead flow was in place or ready and quick to plan solutions if a problem came about.
Versatile in lifting heavy weights, weather change, lost crops, using a forklift, and being able to quickly decide solutions or offer ideas on any unexpected problems.

Digital advocate | PO Box 161810, Austin, TX | January 2015-April 2018
Manager: Lauren Cozart Phone Number #------------
Communicated with individuals of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds on a daily basis via chat/social media providing crises intervention, emotional and physical safety planning, and referrals as deemed appropriate to individual situation.
Gathered demographics which provided data for national and state level program development as well as reported and kept up with all technical issues and areas of improvement.
Attended consistent trainings and meetings throughout advocacy, maintained a level of awareness to all current news and updated laws.

Concierge|360 Nueces St. Austin, TX 78701| August 2013-June 2015
Manager: Lydia Penturf Phone# ------------
Handled diverse types of guests/owners with courtesy and professionalism.
Extensive front desk experience and guest management experience. Greeted and registered all keys, upheld security, and effectively responded to any emergency situations.
Collected payments and managed updates with detailed attention to public /private information as well as updated HOA criteria.

Trainer|1901 E. Ben White Blvd. Austin, TX 78741| February 2011-July 2013
Manager: David Clausse Phone #------------
Identified risk and resilience factors within individual youth, peer group, family, school, and community and developed strategies for intervention while initiating a constant safe environment that encouraged moving forward with a GED, secondary education, and a trade school.
Hands on training on all factors that go into the construction trade as well as making meaningful lesson plans that connected them back to their current level of educational needs.
Fostered meaningful relationships among students through field trips, retreats, and community service projects.
Crisis advocate | 1547 Common St, New Braunfels, TX | February 07-March 11
Referred clients to social service agencies, secured shelter, documented abuse and drafted appeals, set up counseling and local resources needed.
Supplied crises intervention with empathy at all times to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and trained on examinations done by S.A.N.E. nursing after a crime occurred.
Answered high volume calls while being attentive to in-shelter client needs. Meticulous about all paperwork done and data collected. Defused all volatile callers and clients calmly and courtesy.

EDUCATION Associate of Science, In Progress
Austin Community College, TX 78741
3.8 GPA with classes focused on social work and biology foundation.
Six credits away from both accreditation.
Qualified for Dean’s list.

SOCIAL SERVICES 2015: Austin Disaster Relief San Marcos, Tx: Flood victim help
2012: Ecology Action Austin, TX Objective- Keep Austin clean/ recycle.
2010-11: South Side Community Center New Braunfels, TX Objective- Feed the hungry.
2007: Keep Austin Clean Austin, TX-Object-
2006-07: 08/04-09/04: Americorps Rochester, Minn.-Object- workshops.
1999-2002: Casa Por Christo Juarez, MX-Object-Built houses for families with nothing
1998-2000: El Buen Samaritano Austin, TX-Object- Feeding homeless Wednesday nights

Bryan Garcia | NDVH hotline Advocate |known 1 year || #------------

Greg Mathews| Disaster Relief Appraiser| known 10 yrs #------------

Ryan Chamberlin |Youthworks Trainer |known 5 yrs #------------

Andrew Fry friend 3yrs #------------

Liz Castillo known 17 years coworker for 3 yrs #------------

Tracy Whitehead known for 3 years boss #------------

295 Rosewood Ave • New Braunfels, TX • 78130 • CELL ------------ •
E-MAIL ------------

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