Location: Chicago, IL, USA
School: University Anahuac
Major: PR


227 East To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Greta Alicia Inarritu and I am a career Nanny with 20+ years of childcare experience. I’ve worked with all sorts of families and children ranging in age from newborns to children as old as 10, and I would love to bring some of that experience to your family!
Who to trust with your children is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and I’ve been so honored to be included in so many childrens’ lives! I’m so passionate about my work: I love making sure children have a safe, fun, nurturing environment to grow up in.
As far as safety is concerned, I am both CPR and First Aid certified, and have a spotless driving record. It’s important to me that I come into your life equipped with the skills to keep your children safe all the time, and I’m so proud to say that, with 20 years of experience, I am a very skilled caretaker.
When it comes to fun, I like to consider myself a bit of a fun-expert as well. I love bringing my energy and creativity to work with me and creating truly memorable days for the kids I work with. Whether this looks like arts-and-crafts, games, swimming, biking, or enriching activities, I like to say there is never a boring day in my job as a nanny, and I hope your kids don’t have any boring days ether!
Finally, I am a passionate nurturer: I love to make sure your kids have everything they need to thrive! This can look like everything from making sure your kids eat healthy snacks to making sure they get a nap, a healthy meal, or good-night’s sleep. I also speak, read, and write Spanish fluently, and have loved the opportunity to enrich the lives of the children I’ve worked with by sharing my language with them.
As you can see from my resume, I’ve had a varied career. I worked in the financial industry for a few years and also took a few years off of work as a stay-at-home wife. After that marriage ended, I decided to get back into the working world, and have been working full-time ever since.
Now, I’m looking for a perfect family to spend the next years with, and if you’re reading this letter, you already sound pretty perfect to me. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope we can be a great match.
Thanks so much for your consideration,

Love to have fun with children