My Resume- Aislinn Hall
Location: Everett, WA, USA
School: Western Washington University
Major: Psychology

My Resume- Aislinn Hall

I am an active listener. I am someone who communicates well, models leadership skills, and strives for excellence. I respect others, am considerate with my work ethic, and try to be very patient. I show genuine interest in set tasks, love working with others, have incredibly good judgement, and do what I can to resolve problems quickly.

My skills are reflected through my 4.0 gpa, while remaining on honor roll both Junior and Senior year, my generous volunteer time to San José, Costa Rica, being the Captain for Cascade High School's Varisty Cheerleading team, leading as ASB Class Vice President my Freshmen and Junior year, and sacrificing my high school experience to attend running start and obtain my AA degree- which I did in June of 2019!

I have worked two jobs in my career- I was a courtesy clerk for Safeway from January 2017- June 2017, where I quit when given the opportunity to live in Costa Rica for a few months.

And my now current job, a Barista at Starbucks. My everyday job includes cleaning customer areas such as floors, counters, tables and bathrooms and also organizing and restocking syrup counters, powder containers and espresso beans. I make genuine relationships with my customers because I care deeply about making an impact- even if it's just though a cup of coffee.

outgoing, passionate, hard-working, loving, patient, efficient