My Resume
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Location: McAllen, TX, USA
School: University Of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Major: Computer Engineering

My Resume

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OBJECTIVE: I seek employment in my skills as a Developer and as an IT Technician. I know over 6
programming languages involving web and application development and I aspire to have a great future in the
Development Industry as an Executive Developer.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg, TX May 2019
Technology, Internship, Edinburg CISD December 2018 - Present
 Assisting in updating, maintaining, backing up data, and reimaging in employee CPU hard drives and
operating systems respectively. Replacing faulty parts with new parts in computers.
 Assisting in setting up computer systems for co-workers and fellow employees.
Software Developer, Internship, CleverSolve LLC. September 2018 – Present
 Developing and designing applications for iOS devices.
 Assisting in opening Apple products to replace faulty hardware connections.
Lab Consultant, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley May 2018 – August 2018
 Assisted in grading of final exams and supervised Instructional TV class.
 Supervised Computer Science Laboratory and assisted Computer Science and Engineering Students
with debugging issues and verifications in their programming projects.
Analyst, Developer, Internship, Infinity Insurance Co. August 2017 – March 2018
 Developed automated scripts for faster file downloads from company websites.
 Developed macro programs for analysis reports in spreadsheets and databases.
 Collaborated on a team program that takes in application forms and exports to CSV for safekeeping and
easier accessibility.
 My Web Portfolio Website: Programming Portfolio – Developed my personal portfolio website to
showcase my game, web, and application projects to future employers. Implemented in Ruby on Sinatra.
 Portfolio Website: Artist Portfolio – Developed a portfolio website for one artist to showcase her
artwork and animations. Implemented on NodeJS Express.
 Senior Design 2: Epee-Fencing Game, Go Home, and 2D Shooter – Developed three PC 2-D video
games in C# using Unity Engine, using Enemy AI movements and mechanics, and Bullet ricochet
effects and physics.
 HackDFW-2019: Homeless App Python – Developed a website for the homeless. Developed in Python
on Flask and used GoogleMaps API for location services. (In development)
 Senior Design 1: The PLU Learner Website – Developed a website that trains cashier employees to
memorize PLU codes corresponding with their produce. Developed in Ruby on Sinatra.
 Java Language Programming: Item Scanner, PLU Code Learner, and Carmax Database - Developed
over 3 programs in Java that involved Database Management using MySQL Workbench.
 Pharr Community Theater: Recurring Actor September 2015 – Present
Languages: Swift, Ruby, VBA, C/C++, Python, Basic C#, Java, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL.
Web Frameworks and Databases: Sinatra, Flask. SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MySQL Workbench.
Software: Unity, XCode, RubyMine, VS Code, VS 2015, Eclipse 2016, MS Office, PyCharm, CLion
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Basic Linux.

web developer, designer