my resume
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Location: Morris Plains, NJ, USA
School: county college of Morris
Major: radiology

my resume

My name is Sioney Castillo, I am 20 years old, I am great with customers, I'm always happy and I greet everyone with a smile. If there is ever a problem , there is always a solution. I always have a way to fix everything, even if it means to do the impossible. I am willing to work even up to 60 hours and I am always available 24/7. Even when I'm off , I am still on call for everything and anything. I have no problem when it comes to work. I am always on time and punctual. I love to work, I work hard for everything. I make sure everyone is satisfied with my work and with me.

I graduated from Eastside High School on June,2018

I never worked in a office but I have customer service experience for five years , I have worked with phones for three years, I do have my own car. I am looking for a full time job and I am willing to work any amount of hours. I believe that there is always a first time for everything.

My first job was Domino’s pizza when I was 15 years old and I was an assistant manager from October,2014-July 2016.From the age 15-17 I was an assistant manager , I was in charge of making the food, making sure the food was good and cut and prepared for the customers, I was dispatching drivers, making deposit slips, closing, counting the money, picking up phone calls and taking orders, cleaning, taking care of the back office and prepping the sauces and making sure everything was good.

My second job was in Applebee’s as a hosts/busser. I was greeting customers, walking them to their tables and making sure they were good. When the customers left I would clean all the tables and making sure they were ready for the next ones. I worked there from April,2017 - July,2017

My third job was in Starbucks as a barista. I was taking orders from customers, I was making all of the drinks and I made sure everyone was satisfied with their drinks. I started working there from August,2017 until November,2017

My fourth and last job was in LC supermarket as a cash register. When my mother wasn't there I was the boss, it is her business, I was in charge of closing, counting all the money and making the checks for the bank, I was in charge or paying the bills and receiving them as well, I was taking customers food and scanning them, I was bagging them as well and I would charge them. I made sure they were happy and satisfied. I worked there from November,2017 - June,2018

Now I work as a barista/cashier in Morristown Medical Hospital. I work 6 days a week, and I would love to find better opportunities for myself because I want to do more. I work giving nurses and doctors and patients coffee , pastries , iced teas , hot teas , and many more. I started in July,2018 and I am still currently working here, until I find better. I want to expand myself farther until I feel like I belong and I am happy there. I know there can be better and there is always a first time for everything in this world if you work really hard for It. I am willing to go real far with hope and belief.