Music Instructor Resue
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Location: San Clemente, CA, USA
School: Cal State LA
Major: Music

Music Instructor Resue

???? Music Coordinator and Instructor
???? TV Production Associate and Assistant
Music Composer, Producer, and Performer
???? Capitol Records Retail Associate
???? Composer, Producer, and Performer
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Ashkan Tabrizi
Freelance works: Bambu- Self Untitled, Choice of Chance- Real Life Make Believe, Disposable- Movie Soundtrack, KPFK Fundraiser Shows
???? Networked and interfaced with producers, engineers, multi-media artists, composers, and musicians within various settings ranging from record production and live performance to film soundtrack and art installation.
???? Provided writing, arranging, instrumentation, and production for a variety of projects within the vibrant Los Angeles music scene over the past decade.
YS Care, Beyond The Bell, LAUSD, BUSD 2005-2012
Music program coordinator and music instructor
???? Developed music curriculum and repertoire for after school inner city youth programs.
???? Provided musical enrichment through instruction, practice and performance culminating in
by weekly concerts.
???? Engaged with K-6 level students, faculty, and parents to ensure quality of program.
Capitol Records Hollywood, MTV Network, Our House Productions, Bravo
Music retail and promotions associate Television post production and data entry Administrative support
???? Provided promotional and sales support to music vendors and retail stores.
???? Managed client and inventory database.
???? Conducted stock checks and quality control tests.
???? Interface with executive producers to manage and organize television story notes.
???? Credited with post production services on MTV, Bravo, CBS, and Own network shows.
Cal State University Los Angeles BA in Music Class of 2006 Motion Picture Editor’s Guild Local 700 Member 2014
Microsoft Office Suite – Pro Tools – Avid Media Composer – Photoshop – Type 70+wpm – Bilingual

Music, teacher, instructor.