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Location: Loganville, GA, USA
School: Georgia Gwinnett College college
Major: Music management


Summary~ I’ve had about 3 years experice with music ever since I’ve been using FL studio. I currently upload, tag, and market my beats out to the public so I can get sales on them. I’m good with leasing, mixing, and arranging.

Education~ i graduated from Grayson highschool in 2018 and I am currently attending Georgia Gwinnet college. I am looking forward to majoring in music management.

Employment history~ I’ve worked at Steak ‘n Shake in 2016 and i was a cook. I was in charge of watching other and making sure they do there job

Skills~ I am good at being a leader, I am a hard worker, I put my all into my music no matter what time, I am very friendly, I always help others out, I am very dependable, and I’m a team player

Music producer, Georgia gwinnet,