Mikenzi Howard-Bishop
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Location: Denver, CO, USA
School: Metropolitan State University
Field of study: Biochemistry

Mikenzi Howard-Bishop

Mikenzi Howard-Bishop
Denver, CO 80216
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I have a versatile knowledge of the customer service industry with 3 years of creating friendly culture to provide guests with positive entertainment experience. I have worked effectively in high volume setting. Personable and diligent with good teamwork abilities. Senior concessionist and outstanding performer in speed and cleanliness within the Regal movie theater. Proven success in leadership, operational excellence and organizational development with keen understanding of elements of customer service and different workplace environments. Recognized for inspiring management team members to excel and encouraging creative work environments. I work very well with others and help wherever I am needed. I am a fast learner with a knack for crafts and how to have a quick fix to situations or things that have broken. In stressful work settings I try to make the best of it and try to have the other employees have fun as well. I believe that the work place is supposed to be fun and a safe place, which thorough my work experience I have experienced some terrifying situations and some pleasant situations as well.
Enthusiastic Babysitter experienced with children ages 9 months to 14. Accustomed to caring for 1-6 kids at once. Certified in first aid and CPR. Dedicated student proficient in managing childcare needs for busy families. Always willing to step in and take on additional household tasks. Have knowledge in animal care and have pet sit for a number of different families


• Earned numerous referrals to other families due to exceptional reliability, affordable rate and positive reports.
• Increased parents' happiness by taking on additional chores and relieving burdens.
• Supervised team of 5-10 staff members.
• Resolved product issue through consumer testing.
• Documented and resolved a number of issues wether it be customer service issues,
problems with the stock, complaints of other workers which led to many positive results in all categories, there were some with negative outcomes, but even in those situations I stayed calm and tried to solve the problem.


• Routine management
• Age-appropriate activities
• Meal Planning and Preparation
• Teaching
• Administering Medicines
• Managing Routines
• Child Supervision
• Following directions
• Workflow planning
• Kitchen equipment operation and
• Cleanliness
• Team management
• Customer service
• Problem resolution


BABYSITTER | 07/2013 to Current
Most Recent Employer: Sumant Bhat - CO
• Bathing and Dressing
• Cleaning
• Meal and Snack Times
• Licensed driver
• Maintaining safe environment
• Dependability
• Strategic Planning
• Safe food handling
• Organization
• Relationship development
• First Aid/CPR
• Coordinated different types of activities to enhance physical and intellectual development.
• Maintained effective schedule balance between rest periods, active play and instruction.
• Balanced playtime and limited screen time to optimize types of stimulation and support development of fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skills.
• Prepared healthy foods and beverages for children based on optimal dietary guidelines and individual restrictions.
• Applied positive behavior management techniques to enhance social interactions and emotional development.
• Monitored entrances and exits to maintain safety and organized environments.
• Assisted children with homework assignments and special projects across different
subjects to promote academic success.
• Offered top-notch care to 30+ children, ranging in age from 14 to 9 months old.
• Fostered close relationships with children by asking about school, friends and hobbies.
• Employed positive reinforcement methods to encourage good behavior.
• Accompanied children to parks and remained in attendance for child safety.
• Maintained safe environments at all times.
• Maintained first aid kit for small accidents during outings.
• Drove children to various types of activities, including spots, daycare and playdates to
maintain extracurricular routines.
• Sanitized dishes, tabletops, toys and frequently touched surfaces to prevent spreading
of germs.
• Prepared healthy snacks and meals according to individual needs.
• Provided appealing, nutritious meals and dedicated special attention to food allergy
• Organized and cleaned home after activities by picking up toys and doing the
dishes/cleaning up the home for when parents arrive.
• Demonstrated empathy and kindness to display positive character traits.
• Established lasting, professional connections with families and children by
encouraging open communication and delivering positive feedback.
• Met with parents about daily activities, positive developments and issues.
• Observed play activities to identify positive behaviors and areas in need of
improvement, implementing behavior redirection where appropriate.
• Bathed, dressed and helped with teeth brushing to promote healthy personal hygiene
and good oral health.
• Enforced rules and managed behavior through developmentally appropriate
• Played games and read books to young children, limiting TV and mobile device time.
• Checked with parents for any medical issues or special needs.
• Offered positive and nurturing environments to support child social and emotional
• Supervised children's homework assignments to verify completion, assist with difficult
assignments and support educational goals.
• Discussed any specific child wants, needs and interests with parents.
• Led indoor and outdoor activities and steered children away from dangers.
• Monitored schedules to maintain sleeping, eating and school schedules for children.
• Prepared bite-sized snacks and carefully watched young children eat to prevent
• Reviewed and followed parent directions for all aspects of children's care.
• Oversaw childrens' chores, teaching life skills and encouraging initiative.

CONCESSIONIST | 11/2017 to 01/2019 Regal Entertainment - Centennial, CO
• Maintained cleanliness of concession area, box office, lobbies, auditoriums, and restrooms.
• Performed reconciliation of POS terminals with cash and credit transactions to balance cash drawer at end of shift.
• Provided engaging, hospitable service to guests in theater.
• Tabulated food and beverage orders quickly so guests avoided delays in seating.
• Assisted film crew functions to enhance experience with picture and sound quality,
temperature and lighting.
• Maintained quality safe handling procedures for concessions purchased.
• Enhanced transactions with thoughtful suggestions and upselling opportunities of
loyalty cards and concession items to impact revenue.
• Mentored new employees to provide training on proper execution of job
• Transported supplies and stock to replenish items to streamline operations.
• Completed transactions with operation of point of sale terminals.
• Helped general management develop prices based on inventory costs and portion
• Managed employees throughout preparation and service of up to 300 meals per hour.
• Motivated staff to perform at peak efficiency and quality.
• Set and enforced performance and service standards to keep consistent, high-quality
environment devoted to customer satisfaction.
• Inspected preparation and storage equipment regularly to assess and maintain
performance for cost-effective, safe operations.
• Trained staff on proper cooking procedures as well as safety regulations and
productivity strategies.
• Maintained concession cleanliness and sanitation through correct procedures and
scheduled cleaning of surfaces and equipment.

SMOOTHIE BARISTA | 07/2017 to 09/2017
Tropical Smoothie Cafe - Centennial, CO
• Maintained clean, sanitized and well-organized food preparation zones.
• Prepared recipe ingredients by washing, peeling, cutting and measuring.
• Prepared and expedited food orders to support waitstaff and other team members.
• Distributed food to wait staff quickly during busy peak periods to drive customer
• Protected customers by washing and sanitizing dishes, glassware and silverware after
each use.
• Scanned shelves and product cases for expired stock and discarded outdated or
spoiled items.
• Prepared cooking supplies, ingredients and workstations during opening and closing
procedures to maximize efficiency.
• Washed, peeled and cut fruits and vegetables in advance to save time on food
• Replenished condiments, beverages and supplies while maintaining cleanliness of
service areas.
• Promoted customer loyalty by efficiently handling food and service complaints.
• Cleaned walls, fans and drains in bakery coolers, display cases and work area.
• Checked completed orders for accuracy and bagged meals for easy carrying.
• Wiped counters and sanitized equipment to maintain clean food prep and dining
• Processed payments and counted change to complete transactions.

FLOORING SPECIALIST | 08/24/20 to Current Home Depot - Westminster, CO
• Customer service.
• Processed payments.
• Help people pick out what product they want.
• Help people find what they need throughout the store.
• Cutting carpet.
• Lifting boxes of flooring.
• Scheduling times for the installers to go to their house to measure and install.
• Work out any issues on a customers order, flooring and blinds related.
• Cut blinds.
• Order carpet/carpet samples.
• Walk the floor.
St. Mary's Academy - 4545 S. University Blvd. | High School Diploma
Metropolotan State University - 890 Auraria Pkwy.

• First Aid/CPR Certified
• Red Cross Certified Babysitter
I am a very strong willed and independent woman, who isn't afraid of asking for help when needed. I work very well in high stress situations and can figure out a fix to any situation in those situations, even if the fix is only temporary. I do have a couple of health conditions that have effected my work in the past, I have a condition called Conversion disorder. Conversion disorder is stress and anxiety I have built up over the years to excessive amounts and now when an extremely stressful situation occurs in my life my brain shuts off some of my normal functions. When I have a conversion episode I am not able to walk because I have extreme vertigo and body twitches. In the past I have missed work days due to this, but again it is only very very stressful situations that this occurs.