Mikaela Krall Resume
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Location: West Lawn, PA, USA
School: Lebanon Valley College
Major: Audio and Music Production

Mikaela Krall Resume

Mikaela Krall
Reading, PA 19609
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Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA
Dual Degree
Bachelor of Music in Audio and Music Production Expected May 2020
Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition Expected May 2020
GPA: 3.801
Study Abroad: Kingston University Kingston Upon Thames, UK
Music Technology Program Fall 2019

VALE Live, Lebanon Valley College August-December 2016 Live Sound Engineer for VALE Records
Set up sound systems in Lutz for VALE Record’s events
Mixed live shows on Yamaha TF1 digital mixer

Recital Recordings, Lebanon Valley College August-December 2017
Live Sound Engineer for Orchestral Recording
Used mic techniques like ORTF and XY for successful high quality recordings of orchestras and solo string performers
Mixed and mastered recordings in Pro-Tools

Valley Audio/AES, Lebanon Valley College August 2016-May 2019
Live Sound Engineer
Set up sound systems for live shows and mixed live shows with peers using Yamaha TF1 digital mixer with Dante mic preamps or PreSonus StudioLive 24 live console
Participated as an engineer in Valley Fest (Lebanon Valley College’s largest live festival event with additional off-campus performers)

Sound and Lighting Design, Allentown, PA May-August 2019
Intern for Regional Theater at Pines Dinner Theatre
Set up sound system
Attended all rehearsals to create a sound design plan to meet the director’s vision
Experimented with the use of wireless audio receivers and adapters
Mixed live sound and cued lights for the full run of Pump Boys and Dinettes

Podcasts, Lebanon Valley College January-May 2018
Recording and Mix Engineer for Student Podcast Projects
Created a plan for podcast sessions with a team of engineers considering microphone choices and content
Participated in the podcasts and recording process
Mixed the podcasts using EQ and compression on the voices using Pro-Tools

Acid Grass Records, Kingston Upon Thames, UK September-December 2019
Recording and Mix Engineer for Acid Grass Records
Created a plan for each session with a team of engineers considering microphone choices
Acted as the console operator on the Audient ASP8024 and as the Pro-Tools operator in the Visconti Studio
Worked efficiently and creatively with a team of producers, musicians, and engineers to create recordings

Foley and Sound Design, Kingston Upon Thames, UK September-December 2019
Foley Artist and Mix Engineer
Created a plan for each session with a team of engineers considering plans for sound design for videos including field recording
Created a personal bird sound library while field recording
Arranged and mixed foley into the video in Pro-Tools to match the scenes using timecode

Dipped, Lebanon Valley College January-February 2020
Mix Engineer for Dipped
Mixed five songs previously recorded in the Visconti Studio using a majority of plug-ins and analog gear on an Audient ASP8024 board using Pro-Tools
Acoustic guitars, vocals, and drums were recorded back into the DAW through an EMT 140/240 Large Analog Reverb Plate

Scarlet Meridian, Lebanon Valley College February 2020
Recording Engineer for Scarlet Meridian
Created a schedule and plan to track vocals for the band Scarlet Meridian
Exported stems from the session for the band

Pro-Tools, Logic, Ableton, SoundForge, Unreal Engine, Adobe Products, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Finale notation software