Media specialist
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Location: Houston, TX, USA
School: University of North Texas
Major: Media arts

Media specialist

NORTH TEXAS TELEVISION, Denton, Texas Fall 2016- Spring 2018
I primarily worked as post production crew for various television shows. As an Editor it was my responsibility to delegate certain tasks who should work on what scene, or train others to work the Adobe suite programs. Sometimes another task outside my job would become available, for example an on-camera actor.
• SHOW: Garder/Cole- Editor #3, Sound Designer, Choreographer, extra
• SHOW: Be-Scared- Editor, and on camera actor/extra, camera man
• SHOW: Off the Top- Editor #1
• SHOW: Critical Fail- Camera Man #1 and assistant editor
• SHOW: Monday News at Noon: Camera Man #1
• SHOW: Tuesday Spanish News: Editor and VTR

STARFALL STUDIOS, January 2018-January 2019
Brand Manager, Lead Trailer Editor
StarFall Studios is a brand of my own creation. StarFall strives to create new movie trailers and exceed current standards. I manage the brand presence on social media as well as keeping clientele and subscribers up to date on current projects and marketing campaigns. As the Lead Editor I collaborate along-side my team to design the ideal trailer paying close attention to every second and every detail in our trailer designs which are then released on our website, social media and at our client’s discretion.

Media, Creator, Editor, Assistant