MC Resume
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Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
School: Loyola Marymount University
Field of Study: Biochemistry

MC Resume

• Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry (2009), Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
• Masters of Science in Biotechnology (2012), California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA
• Masters of Business Administration (2012), California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA

Fed Ex, Roseville, CA​​​​​​​​​Jan 19- Present
Package Handler

* Pack and unload freight on the conveyor belt
* Ensure freight is properly labeled and goes to the correct location
* Operate tugger
* Unload ICs from tugger on the conveyor belt to load vans
* Sort ICs onto conveyor belt according to the label


Fed Ex, Sacramento, CA
Fork Lift Operator
Responsibilities:​​​​​​​​​Oct 18- January 19 (perm)

* Operate a forklift to transport freight to the correct trailer
* Scan paper copies using a laser scanner
* Receive certification and training to operate a forklift
* Coordinate with supervisors where to unload freight
* Perform OSD for damaged freight

Theravance, San Francisco, CA ​​​​​​​Sept 17 – Oct 17 (contract)
Research Assistant

• Perform oral gavage, intradermal injection, and direct application of test compounds that target µ-opioid
• Perform euthanasia, thoracotomy, and anesthetic procedures with IL-31 on mice
• Maintain laboratory notebook and lab data
• Analyze scientific papers and projects
• Ensure mice are handled according to safety guidelines through IACUC
• Knowledge of disposing mice, waste, and hazardous materials
• Perform and prepare dilutions and serial dilutions of test compounds for dosing requirements, i.e. TD-1211
• Maintain study design and calculations in Excel and Prism

Thermofisher at Bayer, Emeryville, CA​​​​​​May 17 – Aug 17 (contract)
Site Specialist
• Receive purchase orders through rims and mainframe software
• Stock inventory with supplies received, such as gloves, reagents, and reservoirs
• Place orders through thermofisher to replenish inventory through iRims and Mainframe.
• Review packing slips and bill of materials for items received
• Stock lab rooms with materials and labels

Grifols, Emeryville, CA​​​​​​​​May 15 – Jan 17 (contract/perm)
Manufacturing Associate I
• Perform cleaning for equipment UV Sonicator, fraction rack collectors, and filtration parts
• Perform cleaning on equipment for validation protocols and procedures, DGP water samples
• Dispose hazardous waste and comply with chemical safety procedures
• Perform analytical assays, such as gel blots, gel scans, and HPLC on different antigens
• Prepare M-buffers and reagents such as cell lysis buffer and coomassie reagent
• Exposure to purification processes for 14 antigens such HCr43 and c100
• Document purification processes on batch records
• Maintain equipment log books
• Maintain and account for materials for manufacturing processes, such as tubing, fraction bottles, and sodium phosphate
• Operate omni-mixers, centrifuges, pH Meters, conductivity meters, and homogenizer
• Perform cleaning on equipment for validation protocols and procedures, DGP water samples
• 5S Gemba
• Maintain and account for materials for manufacturing processes, such as tubing, fraction bottles, and sodium phosphate
• Document materials that are received in materials binder
• Operate omni-mixers, centrifuges, pH meters, conductivity meters, homogenizer, and sonicator
• Perform workflows in Microsoft word for SOP's
• Maintain schedule for glassware materials sent and received in the purification labs
• Knowledge of computer software such as glims, Mims, outlook, empower, and quantity one
• Create a new board/system for the equipment board work orders
• Create excel files for analytical documents assays performed to send to iron mountain
• Create powerpoint presentation to discuss duties performed in the labs for crew members, such as coordinating glassware
• Perform validation of HPLC instruments by introducing water and control samples

Baxter, Los Angeles site, Glendale, CA​​​​​​Mar 13 - Jul 14 (contract)
Quality Control Analyst/Biochemistry Lab
• Perform ELISA techniques, BCS techniques, western blot, PH determination, HPLC, calcium, and conductivity, for AHF-M test samples
• Perform validation for equipment and software programming
• Prepare validation samples for test methods and processes for equipment validations
• Manage and maintain documentation according to cGMP practices and procedures according to FDA regulations
• Experience with EHS and hazardous waste management
• Responsible for ordering and maintaining inventory through the Ariba software
• Maintain and troubleshoot equipment calibration and preventive maintenance
• Train and qualify team staff in running assays
• Perform analysis on non-routine water for injection samples
• Analyze and troubleshoot defects in lab instrumentation in accordance with SOP’s
• Follow SOP’s and quality standards for safety and accurate testing of products
• Review data and test results in accordance with specifications and acceptance criteria
• Prepare and maintain standards, controls, human plasma samples for FVIII test methods.

California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA​​​​​Apr 12 – Jul 12 (contract)
Chemistry Lab Manager/ Technician
• Preparation of lab reagents for general chemistry labs
• Maintain chemistry stockroom inventory and ordering of supplies
• Assist students with performing the lab protocols and safe lab techniques
• Raw materials are in stock at all times
• Clean and maintain laboratory equipment.

Biology Lab Technician, Camarillo, CA​​​​​​Oct 10 –Jan 11 (University)
Graduate Assistantship
• Prepared tissue culture and media for CHO and L1210 cells for graduate level biotech labs
• Maintained cell lines through cryopreservation techniques
• Performed western blotting and northern blotting techniques for graduate level biotech labs
• Prepared protein and DNA purifications for graduate level biotech labs
• Performed gel electrophoresis and casting of agarose gels
• Experienced with operating and cleaning biotech equipment
• Responsible for the troubleshooting of lab protocols and equipment and prepare dilutions/serial dilutions
• Responsible for reviewing documentation from faculty and staff, managing and reviewing budgets, and overseeing proper waste management
• Operate autoclaves.

Biochemistry Research Assistant, Los Angeles, CA​​​​​May 07 – May 09 (University)
• Developed a novel screening technique of human islet amyloid polypeptide in vivo
• Identified novel mutations that prevent the aggregation of IAPP in vitro
• Responsible for the successful execution and troubleshooting of experimental protocols.

General Chemistry Laboratory​​​​​​​​Aug 07 – May 09 (University)
Teaching Assistant
• Supervised students in lower division general chemistry lab
• Hands-on operation of equipment such as centrifuges and weight balances.
• Evaluated students’ progress throughout the semester
• Responsible for troubleshooting of lab protocols and equipment