Maxwell Flores
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Location: Universal City, TX, USA
School: Film Connection
Major: Film, Screenplay writing

Maxwell Flores

129 Golden Way
Universal City, TX 78148
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E-mail: ------------

Enthusiastic, hardworking and focussed employee. Am known as a multi-tasker and an experienced individual who pays attention to detail, having a pleasant and positive personality who gets along with co-workers and employers.

• NXP- Randstad, Austin, Texas
April 2018 to June 2019

Responsibilities =
• Worked in “Clean Room”, making/cleaning chips used to help E-Readers, thermostats, car tires and credit cards become more secure.

• Raising Cane’s, Converse/Austin, Texas (Transferred)
Dec. 2017 to Feb. 2018

Responsibilities =
• Dishwasher - Made sure every plate, cup and tray was washed thoroughly in a continuous and fast paced manner.
• Line cook - Made sure food is cooked to perfection as well as keeping your area as clean as possible.
• Food Prep - Place perfectly cooked food on plates in a fast paced but thorough fashion.
• Front Cashier - Take orders at a considerate level, being able to maintain multiple orders at the same time as well as keeping the area clean and stocked.

• Toyota - Manufacturing Warehouse, San Antonio, Texas
April 2017 to Oct. 2017

Responsibilities =
• Assembly Line - Made car parts, (tires, seats, exterior parts such as the roof, etc) worked in a very fast paced and continuous work environment, made sure product was not dropped or damaged.

• Smithson Valley High School - Graduated summer 2015
• Film Connection - Graduated spring 2017 (College)

• Scouting and camping
• Archery
• Swim Team
• Photography and Videography

• NXP Trainer/supervisor - Christian Dang, ------------