Matt MacCarthy Resume
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Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
School: UCLA
Major: Study of Religion

Matt MacCarthy Resume

02/2014 - Present
• Co-producer and creator of audio, video, musical, and story-oriented content for monthly immersive theater production, “Lost Angels.”
• Videography for monthly burlesque show, “WTF-lesque.”
• Editing for “In Time” music video by musical artist Jaymie Valentine.
• Sound editing for the podcast “Curious Vibes.”
• Sound editing, music composition, and graphic design for the dramatized podcast “Room.”
• Collaborating with visual/spoken word/performance artists to create original pieces for shows by the Pasadena-based artist collective, “Ex Corpse.”
• Creating and producing the dramatized podcast “Dream State.”
o Writing scripts, approximately 80k words total.
o Casting, scheduling rehearsals, recordings, and photo/video shoots for promo material.
o Furnishing/upgrading studio equipment as necessary, i.e. soundproofing, compression mics, digital workstations, studio monitors/headphones, and musical instruments.
o Directing actors’ performances, recording/engineering, post-production/editing, creating promotional material, musical composition, sound design, mixing, and mastering.
o Marketing, crowdfunding, social media, and maintaining RSS feed, distributing podcast to popular sites like iTunes, Podbean, Podchaser, Stitcher, and Soundcloud.
• Creating music for “Destination Artist” video from Otis College’s #FindYour100 promotional campaign.
• Editing historical fiction novel, “The Maiden General,” 65k words, for content, clarity, and style.
o Offering creative direction that drastically reshaped the final product.
o Partnering with author to produce query letters to publishers and advising on independent publication platforms.

02/2018 - 08/2019
Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP
Assistant Paralegal
• Writing immigration petitions and legal documents for corporations and non-profit organizations hiring foreign nations in specialty occupations, multinational management roles, and senior-level executive positions.
• Managing cases for VIP clients and beneficiaries, including chief company officers, Hollywood producers and directors, medical researchers, tech developers, and international entrepreneurs.
• Partnering with attorneys and clients to procure necessary corporate and financial documentation, commercial real estate records, educational documents, legal records, media publicaitons and press releases, as well as medical and scholarly publications.
• Finalizing petitions for submission to USCIS and to consulate/embassy officers.

08/2015 - 10/2017
DT Systems Corporation
Assembly/Production Assistant
• Building customized speaker units for private aircraft.
• Reading schematics, using tools to trim, drill, cut, solder, weld, and make other adjustments.
• Working with team on assembly line, testing components for standardized tolerances, and checking speaker sound for quality control.
• Bringing technical drawings in AutoCAD up to aerospace industry standards, consolidating and reorganizing product line archives into a cohesive simplified system.

01/2012 - 06/2013
UCLA | Epoche
• Reviewing submissions for scholarly journal Epoche, UCLA’s religious studies publication.
• Working with authors to meet standards, including removing subjective voice and opinions, verifying facts, providing proof and backing arguments, and citing sources.

Bachelor's Degree
Study of Religion

Pasadena City College
Associate's Degree

Pasadena City College
Associate's Degree
Behavioral Sciences

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