Mathurine's Resume
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Location: Washington D.C., DC, USA
School: University of miami
Major: Psychology, Public Health, Social S

Mathurine's Resume


University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, Class of 2019
• Bachelor of Arts: Major: Psychology; Minors: Public Health, Social Science, and Medicine
• Graduated with triple academic and disciplinary honors
• Relevant Coursework: Child Development, Biopsychosocial, Chemistry of Life Sciences
Anacostia Senior High School, Washington, D.C., Class of 2015
• Graduated Valedictorian

University of Miami Information Technology, Coral Gables, FL, Computer Lab User’s Assistant, November 2016 – October 2019
• Responsibilities include verifying student’s current enrollment or school identification card before they utilize the computer lab and help desk.
• Straightening all the desks and chairs in the computer lab and maintaining an orderly office.
• Student technicians are in charge of rebooting the computers, refilling paper in the printers, and fixing any paper jams and toner issues.
• All technicians attend training classes to learn new and relevant materials about computer applications and softwares.
United Planning Organization (UPO), Washington, D.C., Community Action Intern; Teacher’s Assistant, May 2015 - August 2019
• UPO aims to eliminate challenges faced in underprivileged communities and reduce the poverty rate by providing the residents access to higher education, career training, and government assistance programs.
• College student interns co-teach financial literacy, physical education, and culinary art in elementary schools.
• Community action interns learn methods for collecting, compiling, and presenting information on multifaceted Community capacity-building programs.
• Acquired public speaking skills and knowledge about managing income and using a family-centered approach to promoting self-sufficiency.
Providence Health System, Washington, D.C., June 2015 – August 2019
• Senior Connection & Volunteer Services Department, Director’s Assistant; Site Supervisor, August 2017-August 2019
• This department provides a network of services to help senior citizens stay active and maintain good health and to help youth volunteers obtain clinical/professional experience.
• Site supervisor interviews volunteer-intern applicants, assign them to a job site, monitor their performance, enter new volunteers’ information in Volgistics online database, update service hours in excel and provide progress reports to the director.
• Prepares and supervises senior activities, provide senior parking permits, and file print documents
• Acquired skills include familiarity with Microsoft Excel system, enhanced note-taking abilities, and communication and leadership skills.

• Outpatient Emergency Room, Nurse’s Assistant, June 2015- August 2017
• Assist nurses in performing full body assessment and checking patients’ vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration, pain rating, etc and performed full body assessment.
• Making hospital beds and providing hygiene and personal care to patients.
• Acquired knowledge about patients’ medical rights and techniques used for controlling infections and how to monitor medical testing equipments, such as for EKG.

• City First Homes (CFH), Washington, D.C., Real Estate Intern, January 2015 – July 2016
• CFH aims to expand opportunity for low-income working families, drive neighborhood stabilization, and preserve affordable housing in gentrifying communities.
• Responsibilities included assistance with financing, conducting research on potential investment, performing data entry, reading negotiation loan agreements, and attending property inspections and site visits.
• Acquired knowledge about real estate policy and computer competence, good interpersonal communication skills and competitiveness through paying attention to details.
District of Columbia Courts, Washington, D.C., Attorney’s Assistant, August 2013 – June 2015
• Provide general administrative assistance by maintaining the attorney's calendar and schedule meetings, interviews, and deposition with clients.
• Manage, organize, and maintain documents in print copies and electronic filing systems.
• Research regulations, laws, and legal articles to assist with the preparation of reports and case files.
• Acquired the ability to work independently and be organized, detail-oriented, and meet deadlines.
• Acquired advance knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, and enhanced writing-communication skills.
Mayflower Renaissance Marriott Hotel, Washington, D.C., Human Resource Coordinator’s Assistant, November 2014 – January 2015
• Responsible for coordinating the administrative functions of the organization such as answering calls, sending and responding to emails, and handling documents of employee relations, payroll, and benefits.
• Other responsibilities included informing applicants about job details, benefits and conditions, processing and filing paperwork for new employees, providing them with their worker’s badges, contacting references, and reviewing background checks.
• Skills obtained include familiarity with technical roles and terms, project management and communication skills.
CVS Pharmacy, Washington, D.C., Pharmacist Assistant, June 2013 – November 2014
• Job responsibilities include operating the cash register, handling money transactions, answering phone calls, and preparing and distributing prescription order to patients.
• Acquired knowledge about medical and pharmaceutical terminology, pharmacy law and ethics, pharmaceutical calculations, pharmaceutical techniques, and pharmacy record-keeping.
• Enhanced customer-oriented skills, cultural mindfulness, alertness and accuracy of information.
McDonald’s, Washington, D.C., Cashier, June 2013 – October 2014
• Well-known fast-food chain duties including greeting customers, taking orders, collecting payments, recommending products, promoting special deals, matching cash with records, arranging food items on trays along with napkins and condiments, and keeping premises clean.
• Acquired skills include good numeracy, proactivity, vigilance, and customer-centered/focus communication skills.
Popeye’s, Washington, D.C., Cashier, June 2013 – October 2014
• Responsibilities include preparing, packaging and delivering food to dine-in and carryout customers and maintaining the company's operational quality and cleanliness standards.
• Demonstrates safe cash handling procedures in accordance with policy and accurately completes cash, credit card, and discount transactions.
• Acquired the ability to learn in a fast paced environment, provides prompt and courteous service to team members and guests and utilizing prep charts.
Iverson Mall Hair Salon, Washington, D.C., Hair Stylist, January 2012 – May 2014
• Duties include shampooing, cutting, and styling hair, though providing hair treatments, of deep conditioning, permanents, hair coloring, and weaving.
• Skills acquired include patience, communication and customer service skills, physical stamina, and the knowledge of hair products and tools and ability to treat a variety of hair and skin types.
Beatrice’s Daycare, Washington, D.C., Daycare Worker, January 2012 – May 2014
• Duties include setting schedules and routines, grooming, feeding, changing diapers, and cleaning children’s play areas.
• Report concerns to other staff and the children’s parents.
• Acquired more patience and detail-oriented skills and possession of strong decision making and task management skills.

Plan de Dieu (God’s Plan), Coral Gables, FL, Founder, January 2018- present
• Non-profit community-based organization intervention program aiming to raise awareness about poverty and homelessness resulted from recurring civil wars in Central African Republic.
• Obtained donation funds to assist in providing nourishment, clothes, toiletries, and First-Aid kit supplies to children affected by the war and those who had to relocate to rural areas and others who were diagnosed with PTSD.
• Acquired knowledge in project planning and management, report-writing, financial managing, networking, and problem solving.
Students Together Ending Poverty (STEPS), Coral Gables, FL, Student Volunteer, January 2018- present
• Student organization aiming to promote discussion about poverty and homelessness and devise possible long-term solutions, and distribute food and clothes in various homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and after-school programs for children in Miami, FL.
• Acquired the ability to work in and lead team members, plan and prioritize tasks, and solve problems and adapt to unforeseen situations.
College Success Foundation (CSF), Washington, D.C., Scholarship Recipient, August 2013 – Present
• CSF provides a unique integrated system of supports and scholarships to inspire underserved, low-income students to finish high school, graduate from college and succeed in life.
• Recipients of CSF $50,000 scholarship participated in a three-months summer learning program designed to prepare students for college through enhance reading, writing and learning techniques
• Provides students with hands-on experience by visiting university campuses and interacting with college students and personnel, which offers mentorship to student.
Sifa Love Modeling Organization, Washington, D.C., Modeling Trainer; President, January 2012 – Present
• Modeling organization that promotes African clothing and accessory brands at fashion show events, in magazines, and digital media.
• Helps young men and women acquire modeling skills and improve their self-confidence by offering rehearsal lessons centered on catwalk- teaching and body posture in front of the cameras and the audience.
• Models build modeling portfolio through appearances/participating in paid modeling contest/competitions offered or co-hosted by the organization.
• Enhanced patience, collaborative skills, knowledge of fashion and professional attire, and the comfortability to wear stiletto heels.
Model United Nations, Washington, D.C., Student Vice president, March 2014 – June 2015
• Extracurricular where students typically play the roles of delegates to the United Nations and simulate the UN committees.
• Students attend conferences and gave speeches detailing their country’s position on different topics and offer possible solutions.
• Involves substantial researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.
• Skills gained include leadership skills, linguistic skills, solution-oriented thinking, and competitive drive.
Hands-on DC, Washington, D.C., Student Volunteer, June 2013 – April 2015
• Community-based non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers to create a better environment for learning and raises funds to support local scholarship programs
• Refurbishes schools by repairing plumbing and bathroom, water damage and window castings, power-sand and apply varnish to school doors, and removing graffiti from the walls.
• Refined leadership and planning skills and build teamwork through coordinating several large events.
Urban Alliance, Washington, D.C, Student Leader, June 2013 – July 2016
• Provides students with professional development opportunities through paid internships, formal training, and mentorship, during high school, college, and post-graduation.
• Student leaders attend properly-executed weekly meetings, brainstorming ideas and strategies and plans that would possibly resolve the issues and concerns of the interns and maximize the resources offered by the organization.
• Encouraging interns to guide and educate others provides powerful personal motivation, build strong morale and effective leadership skills.
Capital Area Food Bank, Washington, D.C., Student President, September 2013 – June 2015
• One of the largest hunger focus organization that provides low-income communities with an access to food, nourishment, toiletries.
• helping to feed men, women, and kids in need
• Volunteers help with sorting and packing the donated food, and distributing them to the community.
• Volunteers also read books to the homeless people to improve their literacy skills.
• Volunteering improved empathy, planning skills, along with team building, goal setting, problem solving and adaptability.
School Tour Guide Translator, Washington, D.C., September 2012 – May 2015
• Served as a French translator to groups of tourists visiting Anacostia High School
• Organized touring trips, accompany tourists to different facilities/departments and provide them relevant heritage information about touristic destinations.
• Acquired presentation skills and cross-cultural fluency.
• Fluent in French, Sango, Igbo, Patois, and English
• Excellent Communicator
• Organization and High Adaptability
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and SPSS Statistics 17.0
• Childcare