Marketing Assistant/Analyst
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Location: New Providence, NJ, USA
School: Muhlenberg College
Major: Business Administration w/ concentrations in marketing and management

Marketing Assistant/Analyst

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Currently working as a Marketing Sales Representative. Worked in Retail for 3+ years and gained relevant management and customer service experience. Looking to improve my marketing expertise and work in a more behind the scenes role focused on campaigns, online, and digital marketing. Time and schedule oriented, very focused and organized, good personal skills. Held a Brand Representative position at Abercrombie and Fitch for 3+ years, began working towards the management trail but moved off to finish my degree and move on to something new. My interests include the fields of digital marketing, data analysis, and marketing research, particularly within the entertainment and media industries. During college I took multiple classes concentrating on the marketing industry and I paired that with film and arts classes to see how the two intertwine. I also worked on shadowing projects with small companies in the local area, both for profit and not for profit.
Muhlenberg College
BA in Business Administration
May 18th, 2018 graduation date
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Esprit DC
Concentrations: Marketing and Management
Allentown, PA, USA
Member of the first chapter of the Society of Leadership at Muhlenberg
Worked on projects with local businesses to better their standing in the areas, or improve a problem they had presented
March 2019-April 2019
Marketing Sales Representative
• Gained relevant marketing and sales experience
• Learned personalized marketing pitches on how to better sell certain products
• Beginning work on interviewing and training new hires
Interpublic Group June 2016 to August 2016
Business Intelligence IT Intern
• Learned better organization and scheduling skills within a group setting
• Time management and note taking to keep all team members on the same page
• Self-management skills from projects given to me to do in any spare time I had there
Abercrombie and Fitch July 2015 to January 2018
Sales Associate
• Learned important customer service experience to help in guiding customers
• Helped prepare and set up store in most profitable way possible
• Began work on the management track before departing, learned training and interviewing process
• Learned how best to organize and schedule workers in order to boost productivity and efficiency
• Sales floor experience
• Excellent communications, and listening skills
• Reliable and Punctual
• Retail Merchandising expertise
• Cash handling accuracy
• Data analysis
• Analytical reasoning
• Leadership Skills
• Proficient with Microsoft Office
• Customer Problem Solving

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