Maria S Babich
English Literary Arts
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
School: St. Jerome School
Field of Study: English Literary Arts

Maria S Babich

Maria S. Babich
Middle School English Teacher (Department Head of MS
ELA)/ 8th grade Science Teacher | St. Jerome Catholic School
August 2017 -Present
 Writing data driven and rigorous ELA and Science lesson plans
 Teaching lessons while keeping students engaged and making
adjustments based on real -time feedback from students
 Maintaining an organized and well managed classroom environment
 Offering after free after school tutoring sessions 3 times a week
 Facilitating a Comic Book Club
Copywriter | Vacations By Rail
March 2017 -June 2018
 Editing documents
 Content writing (brochures, itineraries, travel articles, etc.)
 Proofreading documents
Intern | Chicago Literary Hall of Fame
March 2016 -June 2016
 Editing documents
 Content writing
 Running events and networking with publishers at these events
 Designing preliminary website layouts
Student Post -Production Editor | Eng. 377 Topics in
Publishing at DePaul University | Spring Semester 2014 -2015
 Copy -edit a manuscript of “I Remember” statements
 Learn and discuss the concepts of book design
 Design the cover and layout of the “I Remember” manuscript
 Finalize and publish the manuscript through DePaul University
Marketing Intern | Midwest Truck and Auto Parts
June 2014 -September 2014
 Copy -edit and content edit manufacturing manuals, articles,
pamphlets, and flyers
 Take and edit product photographs
 Research and write articles

MS of Education | December 1st,
2019 | Colorado State University
 Average GPA 4.0 on 4.0 scale

BA in English Literature | June 12 th,
2016 | DePaul University
 Concentration in literary analysis
 Average GPA of 3.44 on 4.0 scale

License Information
 IEIN Number: 1190639
 License ID: 2484962
 Microsoft Office
 Adobe Photoshop and After
 Blog, content, article, and
marketing based writing
 Editing, copy editing, and
 Concept Design
 Social Media Account
 Lesson planning
 Leadership skills
Volunteer Experience
and Leadership
 English Tutor: September 2013
-June 2016
 Croatian Folklore Dance
Teacher: August 2015 -
November 2016
 Volunteer Substitute Teacher:
March 2016 -August 2017
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