Marco Napoli Resume
Film making
Location: New York, NY, USA
School: London Film Academy
Major: Film making

Marco Napoli Resume


imdb: 4328514


Film director and actor. In 2010 he graduated from LFA London Film Academy attending the film-making
In the past eight years he has directed and produced commercials, music videos, corporate videos and several
short-films, some of which were selected and prized at national and international film festivals.
He has earned versatile experience working as a film-maker between New York City, Rome, Montreal and
He also worked as an actor and model in London taking part to big film production projects (Rush, 2013).
Marco has developed his skills also as camera operator and editor featuring Sony and Canon cameras and
Final Cut and Adobe Studio production suites.


▪ High skills of visualizing and composing stories through images.
▪ Strong expertise in video-editing and post-production.
▪ Passionate about the actors-director character development process.
▪ Highly committed in writing and script production.
▪ Strong communication and inter-personal skills developed through experiences as film director and actor.


“More, please” (short film, 3’), New York City. Nespresso Talent 2019.

“Chyron Hego at Virginia Tech” (corporate video, 5’) in Roanoke, Virginia. Produced by Chyron Hego corporation.
“Serendip” (docufilm, 80’) Sri Lanka. Produced by TakeMeBack. Finalist at Valle film
“La vie en pose” (commercial, 15’’) Rome, Italy. for “Essilor” brand.
“L’appuntamento del nonno” (commercial, 45’’’) Rome, Italy. “Nonno Nanni” brand.
“See beyond” (commercial, 15’’’) NYC, for “Essilor” brand.
“Suspicion” (short film, 5’) NYC. Written by Monique A. Hazeur and Cait Cortelyou.
“IILU & Michelangelo Hotel” (corporate video, 4’) NYC. Produced by Italia I Love You.
“Leaf in a hurricane” (music video, 3’) NYC. Written and performed by Roberta Finocchiaro.
“Chyron Hego at NAB” (corporate video, 10’) Las Vegas, Nevada. Produced by Chyron Hego corporation.

“IILU” (corporate video, 4’) Italian Consulate. Produced by Italia I Love You.
“Chyron Hego at WTLV” (corporate video, 6’) in Jacksonville Florida. Produced by Chyron Hego corporation.
“The sweetest gift” (commercial, 30’’) NYC. Winner creativity at Userfarm video contest, “Nutella”’ brand
“Filaga” (commercial, 2’) NYC. Commercial video for Filaga Pizzeria, Chelsea Market.
“That’s my blue” (teaser video, 3’) NYC. Teaser video for Sunder Blue campaign.

“LifeTold promo” (documentary, 120’’/60’’/30’’) NYC. Promos for ------------ founded by Rafael Rivera.
“Leo Margiotti Studio” (corporate video, 3’) Pescara. Leo Margiotti Art Design studio.
“L’Arte Del Gelato” (commercial, 3’) NYC.
“I am music” (feature film teaser/music video 3’) NYC. Performed by Katya Zakharova.
“Non fermare la passione” (commercial, 30’’’) NYC. Userfarm video contest, “Sanpellegrino”’ brand call.
“Sempreverdissima” (commercial, 60’’’) Rome, Italy. Userfarm video contest, “Verdissima”’ brand call.
“Que es la vida” (music video, 5’) Rome, Italy. Written and performed by Gisela Lopez and Giovanni Caruso.
“Viavai” (commercial, 90’’’) Rome, Italy. MOFILM international video contest, “Visa”’ brand call.
“Il dipendente” (commercial, 30’’’) Pescara, Italy. Userfarm video contest, “Lavazza”’ brand call.
“L’ombre de ton silence” (music video, 4’) Ortona, Italy. Written and performed by Valerie Curro Khayat.

“Lothus” (music video, 4’) Rome, Italy. Written and performed by Lilith Band.
“Limitless security” (commercial, 3’) Pescara, Italy. Winner creativity at Userfarm video contest for “Ford”
brand call.
“La fonte di ogni giorno" (commercial, 30’’) Anversa Degli Abruzzi, Italy. Winner creativity at Userfarm video
contest for “San Benedetto” brand call.
“Ti salva la pelle” (commercial, 30’’) Rome, Italy. Userfarm video contest, “Neutro Roberts”’ brand call.
“Crossroads” (shortfilm, 3’) Maratea, Italy. Winner Best Short at Flaiano Film Festival - XVI Scrittura e immagine 2015, Winner Best Picture at Cinemamadamare IFF 2015, Finalist at Premio Giusti 2016.
“Sospiro” (music video, 5’) Rome, Italy. Written and performed by Valerie Curro Khayat.
“Too kind” (shortfilm, 6’) Aosta, Italy.
“I’m an asshole, I know” (shortfilm, 7’) Marina Di Camerota, Italy.
“Eterna” (promotional video, 3’) Cerveteri, Italy.
“Luce” (short film, 12’) Rome, Italy. Winner Award prize at Williamsburg Independent film festival (NYC)
2016, Included in “Best 2016 Italian Shorts” in Bolzano, Winner 1st prize at Mauro Bolognini film fest 2016
Winner 1st prize at Imperia film festival 2016, Winner audience prize at CortOglobo Film Festival 2016, Winner “best dialogues” prize at Cortinametraggio FF 2016, Winner audience prize at Valpetronio Film Festival
2015, Winner 2nd prize at Borgo In Corto 2015, Official selection at Foggia Film Festival 2015, Cuneo Film
Festival 2015, Via Dei Corti 2015, Cinemavvenire 2015, Flaiano Film Festival - XVII Scrittura e Immagine
2015, Festival del Cinema di Civitanova 2016.
“Hero” (promotional video, 3’) Roma, Italy. Concept by Simone Stranieri.

“La strada in discesa” full script for feature film (WGA: 1724072). Co-written with Severino Iuliano.
“Il racconto del maestro Antonio di Leonardo” (documentario intervista, 10’) Chieti, Italy.
“Il paese di Tanya” (docu-fiction, 4’) Francavilla al mare, Italy.
“Vuoti a rendere - Un uomo” (docu-fiction, 5’) Francavilla al mare, Italy.

“Doce, doce” (shortfilm, 3’) Procida, Italy. Second prize at Cinemadamare IFF 2013, Official selection at
RIFF Awards 2014.
“T’aregge?” (shortfilm, 4’) Roma, Italy. Official selection at I 400 corti FF, Amarcort FF 2013.
“El mismo cielo” (shortfilm, 6’) Diamante, Italy.
“Eyes open” (creative video, 5’) Fiumicino, Rome. Winner 3rd prize at Ponti e Torri contest.
“Rey Bemol” (shortfilm, 6’) San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy.
“Erogatore 3” (short film, 11’) Rome, Italy - Menteplastica Prod. Official selection at Premio David di Donatello 2014, CVI Festival 2014, RIFF Awards 2013, Salento IFF 2013, Genova FF 2013, Festival Altovicentino 2013, Foggia Film Festival 2013, Cuneo Film Festival 2013, Cinemadamare IFF 2013, Corto Galp 2012.

“Joey’s faces” (shortfilm, 6’) Anguillara,Italy. First prize for best film at Frammenti Festival 2013, official selection at Visioni Italiane 2013, San Salvario Film Festival 2013, Ponti e Torri 2013, Laura Film Festival 2013.
“L’amore muto” (short film, 13’) Stazzema, Italy.
“Beyond what you see” (shortfilm, 6’) Nova Siri, Italy.
“Whispering cards” (videoclip, 3’) San Marco deI Cavoti, Italy.
“Il venditore” (shortfilm, 10’) Vieste, Italy.
“Extranos” (video, 5’) Civitavecchia, Italy. First prize Cinemadamare IFF competition Civitavecchia 2012).
“Nobody’s minutes” (videoclip, 3’) Amalfi, Italy. First prize Cinemadamare IFF competition Amalfi 2012.

“Gli anni di Piero” (theatre show) by Gerry Gherardi with Angelo Sateriale, Teatro d’Europa, Cesinali (AV)
“Finestra su arpeggio francese” (shortfilm 12’) Pescara, Italy. Official selection at Versi di luce 2012, Corti
Mo’Desti 2012.

“Due alle venti” (short video 1’) Francavilla al mare, Italy.
“La nebbia che respiro” (shortfilm 25’) Francavilla al mare, Italy. Official selection at Epizephiry International
Film Festival 2011.
“Sleeping problems”, as DoP at LFA (London Film Academy) London, UK.


2010 - 2013
Artist for Mad Dog Casting Ltd London, +44(0)------------.
Featured role for “Rush ” (2013), directed by Ron Howard.

“Dracula ” of Bram Stoker. Directed by Giampiero Mancini.
“Soli. Frammenti di assoli per macchine desideranti ”. Directed by G. Mancini.
“La cena dei cretini ” of F. Veber. Directed by Giampiero Mancini.

Recital about J. Prevert life and works. Directed by Augusto Zucchi.

“Quattro bombe in tasca ” of Ugo Chiti. Directed by Giampiero Mancini.
“Miseria e nobiltà ” of Eduardo Scarpetta. “Laboteatro” of “A. Volta” High School in Francavilla al mare, Italy.

“Briganti ” Regia Prod. S.m.o. Village Regione Abruzzo project.
“L’altra metà del cielo ”. Performance of dancing, literature, theatre and music by R. Dell’Elice and C. Taraborrelli.

“Il malato immaginario ” of Molière. Art and Creativity student day. High School “A.Volta”.

“Aggiungi un posto a tavola ” Directed by Fabrizio Fasciani. Prod. “Art & Music” association.
“Ofello, il moretto di Venezia ”. Divertissement inspired by namesake tragedy of W. Shakespeare. By R.
Dell’Elice and C. Taraborrelli.


Film making
LFA London Film Academy.

Italian Literature (theatre and cinema)
University at L’Aquila, Italy.

Theatre acting
Scuola biennale di recitazione Auroville di Augusto Zucchi, Rome Italy.

director, filmmaker, videographer, editor