Mahek Kacheria Resume
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Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada
School: University of Waterloo
Major: Environment and Business

Mahek Kacheria Resume

Mahek Kacheria
• Developed the rebranding strategy of The Beauty and Fitness Refinery in discussion with the CEO and
colleagues as per researched industry trends and market preferences.
• Strong interpersonal skills and communication built through close interactions with varied demographics.
• Proficiency in documentation built through preparing an emissions report of a real-world industrial facility
and completing select ISO 14001:2015 planning elements for a small business scenario.
• Refined attention-to-detail as a result of frame-by-frame screenwriting, choreography and academic
assignments that required research, information management and reporting.
• Core competencies include a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking to drive environmentally
sustainable initiatives and a strong work ethic.
• Fostered strong organizational skills as a result of leading the workshop initiative and partaking in the
Language Learning Program.
Candidate for Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Environment and Business, Honours, Co-operative program,
University of Waterloo, ON, September 2017 - present.
- Relevant courses include Communications for Professionals, Applied Statistics, Environmental Management
Systems, and Operationalizing Sustainable Development in Business.
Grade 34 in IBDP, Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad, India, May 2017.
- Studied English, Psychology and Biology at higher level; Mathematics, Environmental Systems & Societies
and French at standard level.
Business and Technology Education Council Level 3 Subsidiary diploma in creative media production
awarded with distinction.
- Major projects dealt with concepts like idealistic beauty perceptions, garbage disposal and dying arts forms.
Relevant academic experience
- In-depth understanding of ISO 14001:2015 substantiated through the adept designing and documenting of
planning elements in accordance to the standard.
- Proficient with using MS Office for data collection, processing, modelling, statistical analysis and reporting.
- Designed and pitched a business model for a green alternative to disposable plastic cutlery as part of the
Green Entrepreneurship course team project.
- Achieved grade A in the Extended Essay exploring how the temporally evolving sociocultural contexts of
India depicted women through visuo-linguistic persuasion techniques in print advertising for soap.
IT Literacy: Microsoft suite, SPSS, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Prezi, iLife, and can effectively use multiple
social media and blogging platforms
Assistant brand developer at The Beauty and Fitness Refinery
February, 2016 to October, 2016 | Ahmedabad, Gujarat
- Championed eco-friendly, value-driven packaging alongside a shift toward more local sources for product
ingredients sourced directly from farms to fit with the reimagined brand image.
- Adapted the marketing approach to be "glocalised " with a strong focus on sustainability and all-natural
chemical-free skincare products.
Researcher and content writer at CI Network Technologies
June, 2018 to July, 2018 | Ahmedabad, Gujarat
- Created original content and drafted extensively researched op-eds on key sociopolitical debates, helping
drive more traffic to the company’s website.
- Built strong communication, time-management and research skills.
Mahek Kacheria

Internship, Business