Madeline Henry
Arts Studies
Location: Colfax, NC, USA
School: NC State University
Major: Arts Studies

Madeline Henry

Inventive and committed young professional seeking a career in the arts, particularly film and media production-based positions. Experience with collaborative and directorial film production, cinematography, and editing. Accumulated extensive knowledge of film-making and film history; experienced writer on film theory and analysis.

NC State University, Raleigh, North Carolina Graduated May 2019
BA in Arts Studies, Concentration in Film
GPA: 3.53/4.0

Film Production, Writing About Film, Practical Arts Entrepreneurship, Screenwriting,
Advanced Screenwriting, Arts & Cross Cultural Contacts, Arts Village Forum (and Crafts Track),
Film and Literature, Art History (Renaissance-20th Century), Art History (Ancient Greece-Renaissance)

NC State Student Art Sale | Annually Active Visual Artist | Raleigh, NC April 2017 – April 2019
• Submitted multiple pieces of visual art annually for on-campus art show
• Sold pieces of original art to public; one art piece officially purchased by the NC State Arts Village

Arts Village | Resident & Member | Raleigh, NC August 2016 – May 2018
• Participated in community art projects and arts engagement activities in the city of Raleigh
• 1st place winner in on-campus, village-wide t-shirt design contest
• Experienced hands-on arts & crafts production on “Crafts Track” extracurricular program
• Completed Capstone project on photography and self-portraiture: interviewed professional photographer; presented exploration of self-portraiture, complete with written reflection & visual explanation.

University Theater | Costume/Wardrobe Volunteer | Raleigh, NC August 2017 – October 2017
• Assisted UT Costume Department in organizing inventory and storing/logging costumes
• Participated in preparing 2017 University Theater Costume Sale attended by more than 200+ community members

Cashier & Tour Guide | Blueberry Hill, Blueberry Farm | Colfax, NC June 2009 – Present
• Guided public for Pick-Your-Own and transactions
• Picked to fill orders and distribute to local grocers
• Assisted in fieldwork, reception, and packaging

Video Editing • Shooting with Film and Digital Video • Screenwriting
Writing about Film and Film Theory • Acting • Visual Art and 3D Design

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