M's Resume pdf
Location: New York, NY, USA
University: City University Graduate Center
Major: Theatre

M's Resume pdf

Lifelong learning for health, strength and a rich and love-filled life!
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Gender Male
Marital status Married
Date of birth 26 March 1947
Passport country United Kingdom
Country of residence United States
City of residence New York
Acting Coach Advanced
Performing Arts Advanced
Parent Communication Advanced
Oral & Written Communication Skills Advanced Happiness Advanced
Experienced Traveler Advanced
Creative Direction Advanced
Communication Skills Listening Advanced College Counseling Advanced
College Applications Advanced
Business English Advanced Voice Lessons Advanced Conversational French Medium Debate Medium
I should be hired because I am a happy, healthy individual who loves to help people delight in learning; though fun and funny, I take my professional teaching responsibilities seriously: punctuality, courtesy, respect, individually tailoring each class to the specific needs of the student and respecting the needs and requirements of the company hiring me.
English Teacher; Theatre Director
Universities, Private & Public Schools & Centers
September 2005 - July 2018 | Guangzhou, China
I just returned to NYC from teaching English and humanities studies at all levels in most academic settings in Guangzhou for the past 13 years.
Theater Director, College Professor
City University of New York
September 1990 - July 2005 | New York, United States
I was a theater coach, director, producer, writer and actor, also an adjunct professor of speech communications.
Artistic Director of Theater-in-Education, youth development organization, off-Broadway.
New York School of Theater
August 1980 - June 1994 | United States
I was the Artistic Director of an award-winning youth development

program on Theatre Row, Off-Broadway in Manhattan.
The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
January 1987 - June 1997 | United States
Field of study: Theatre
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) | Grade:
Working full-time as a theater director, youth development performance coach and parenting two children of my own, it took me 10 years to complete my Ph.D. in theatre, but complete it i did!
Theater Director of 3 award-winning plays in Guangzhou.
June 2016
Over my years in Guangzhou, I managed to directed 2 school plays that won district-wide awards and 1 professional production for Guangzhou's China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) branch that won the China-wide award for best production.
English Native
French Advanced
Spanish Intermediate Chinese (Mandarin) Basic

language, English, writing, critical thinking, performance, happiness, confidence, success.