Lu Zhang
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Maryland Institute College of Art
Major: Illustration Practice

Lu Zhang

My name is Lu and I’m currently working as a freelance illustrator and designer based in New York. Meanwhile I'm also available to freelance/intern/full-time jobs related to illustration and design! You are more than welcome to take a look of my website: lucheung dot com.

More about Lu:

I have a background of practicing fine art and communication art in school for more than 8 years, which has built my knowledge and skills in both drawing technique and critical thinking, ranged from traditional to contemporary art. The visual training has brought me a refined taste of composition, color and style.

My passion lies in utilizing design and illustration as great visual tools to weave ideas, stories, imaginations and artistry together. I majored in illustration for more than four years and I enjoy the freedom and possibilities in drawing and composing images with stories. Meanwhile I’m a person who aim for authenticity and quality, seeking for ways to shed new lights on what I’ve been comfortable with.

I take what I’m doing, what I have done seriously and responsibly. Not only the appearance of the project but also the concept, the thoughts behind the shell deserve my fully respect. I appreciate the chance working with creative teams and clients, and I’m ready to be fully engaged in a professional environment with vibrant friends.

Thanks for your time!

Illustration, Design, Fashion Illustration, Editorial Illustration, Vector Illustration, Freelance