Logistics Supervisor CV
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Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
University: American Military University
Major: Transportation and Logistics Management

Logistics Supervisor CV

Cedric Jordan
4002 E. Southern Ave 
Apt #: 129  

Phoenix, AZ 85042 


E-mail: xxx-xxx-xxxx 

Experienced Transportation and Logistics Professional with 16 successful years of developing effective processes and directing complex logistics functions for multi-million dollar projects. Proficient in analyzing budget invoices and shipping manifests to ensure full compliance with local customs and international regulations. Exceptional track record of identifying shortfalls and maximizing resources to streamline operations. I am interested in expanding my skills in a valued company within the Supply Chain Management career field. 
Customer Service Sales and Reservation Specialist at Uhaul 
August 2018 – December 2018 
-Assisted customers with reservation services from moving trucks, storage facilities and container shipping providing each customer with support services needed to complete cross country moving.
-Assessed customer moving situation and history and offered the most cost effective flexible moving options based off of equipment availability as well as offered alternative moving options for the customer.
-Responsible for overseeing over 350 weekly back-to-back calls assisting customers in the United States and Canada in scheduling Uhaul assets for moving reservations. 
-Provided moving match making services based on customers needs and suggested the best moving options that were most cost effective to the customer within a timely manner to ensure maximum daily output.
-Communicated with employer of any customer or technical issues that prevented the services and reservations for customers via company web site.
-Proactively identified needs and expectations, which resulted in the weekly stats of (124) total district reservations, (26) minutes average call time which placed my performance above the required 3.25 reservations per hour at 4.10 reservations per hour.    
-Provided reservation services in a timely manner and offered referrals to higher management if unable to completely resolve customers request.
-Communicated with customers moving options, any alternative moving options and company discounts as prescribed by the company guidelines to ensure that customer service needs were being resolved.    
-Conducted and completed all required training utilizing different training methods (i.e web siminar, on-line courses and supervisor role playing) which better served the customer with reservations.   
-Participated in all company regulated employee training and coursework.
-Assisted participants in the UBOX container shipping program.

Client Services Supervisor at DB Schenker (Randstand Staffing Inc) 
May 2018 – Present Day 
-Responsible for overseeing day-to-day supply chain functions involving Pfizer Pharmaceutical which resulted in direct interface with client for all operational and administrative functions.  
-Proactively identified multiple supply chain lane failures, which resulted in the recovery of delivery of (6) high value shipments for Pfizer Pharmaceutical totaling $3M dollars each.  
-Proactively identified potential issues daily, providing detailed guidance on lane mitigation to both Pfizer’s clients as well as DB Schenker.  
-Effectively assist (in team members absence) monitoring entire logistics cycles for both Apple Inc. and Johnson & Johnson contracts, totaling over $2M per shipment.   
-Created and monitor over 40 customer portfolios covering DB Schenker and Pfizer’s SCM network (weekly) which identifies lane stoppage and provides corrective course of actions solutions to higher management for consideration. 
-Develop client relationships within Pfizer Pharmaceutical marketplace to develop cost-effective strategies and monitor industry events which may impact various lane services globally.  
-Supervised movement of over 60 domestic shipments and 75 international shipments (weekly) totaling over $15M for customers offering real-time movement reporting throughout the product life-cycle.  

International Import/Export Supervisor at CEVA Logistics 
September 2017 – March 2018 
-Provided customer service related functions for both domestic and international accounts. This provided transportation and logistics functions to over 12 business located overseas and 8 located in the United States. Handled inquiries from new clients and current customers, as well as monitored quality assurance and resolved complaints or issues with any orders or containers. 
-Created over 200 bills of lading within CEVA Logistics network (monthly) which resulted the reduction of freight cost by 25%. 
-Develop relationships in the marketplace to understand and stay abreast of industry changes which may impact various business management programs as it relates to pricing trends and new products.
-Arranged, processed and tracked over 85 (daily) domestic shipments and 30 (monthly) international shipments for customers resulting in obtaining $22K towards company’s bottom line projections. Created and reported company cost analysis for reduction of product development which resulted in accurate numbers being reflected in work sectors monthly production. 
-Created customer services relationships with customers, resulting in communication of accurate timelines between customer setting a delivery date, coordination with driving time and completion of delivery in prescribed due-date. 

Logistics Supervisor at Home Healthcare & Logistics 
September 2015 – September 2017 
-Supervised 5 transportation carriers consisting of 8 full-time employees and 2 part-time employees coordinating timely supply distributions with an approximated $1M dollar equipment inventory. 
-Maintained efficient communication between vendors, suppliers, distributors, executives, physicians and nurses. 
-Developed relationships in the marketplace to understand and stay abreast of industry changes which may impact various business management programs as it relates to pricing trends and new products. 
-Developed and implemented truck loading process that simplified and maximized driver's time. 
-Developed and meet inventory goals for the company which effectively balance cash-flow, industry leading product lead-times, and inventory turn rates. 
-Developed Supply Expenses Analysis' quarterly to create action plans to reduce facility and division spend. 

Warehouse Inventory Supervisor at Winn Dixie Inc 
May 2014 – October 2015 
-Was responsible for the implementation of the SAF SuperStore software system, which was sound in SAF approach to forecasting sales to current inventory levels. 
-Communicated product knowledge to customers and team members. 
-Prepared quarterly inventory meetings plans for product collections. 
-Projected management coached and mentored of (teams of up to 5 people). 
-Scheduled warehouse team members to meet the demands of the facility, utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor performance. 
-Analyzed market trends and recommended cost-effective solutions. 
-Managed warehouse portfolio (recommend strategies based off analyzed data. 
United States Government Employee (United States Marine Corps) 
Strategic Commodity Manager  
Quantico, VA 
January 2010 – December 2013 
-Responsible for the streamlining of 300 procurement requirements utilizing both IBM and MAXIMO software systems. 
-Established customer relationships strengthen efficient operations. 
-Prepared monthly facility meetings to discuss supply chain procedures. 
-Demonstrated leadership in staffing meetings analyzing potential issues, recommended lean strategies to increase business efficiency. 
-Responsible for an annual cycle of 800 procurements. 

United States Government Employee (United States Marine Corps) 
Transportation and Logistics Supervisor 
May 2001 – January 2010 (9+ years) 
-Supervised inspections with 12 military units identifying safety hazards, provided corrective recommendations. 
-Investigated accidents and mishaps, provided recommendation to directors. 
Managed workplace mishap portfolio (performance analysis). 
-Supervised 6 specialized logistics teams responsible for the import and export of $12M of various military equipment in support of Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. 
-Analyzed data for managers and directors, provided recommendations to improve health and safety concerns, security protocols and logistics operations. 
-Project management (supervised 6 teams consisting of 15 employees each) and assisted with logistical operations both in the United States and Middle East. 
-Created communication opportunities between international agencies, provided a streamline that was cost effective and efficient during operations. 
-Responsible for completing the finalization of 5 logistic projection reviews, which resulted in the ability to provide detailed data on approximately 200K pieces of military inventory being assigned inventory numbers for better tracking during operations. 
-Responsible for analyzing the United States Marine Corps logistics effectiveness in support of military operations, provided recommendation of inventory and staffing requirements to directors. 
-Established communication support between customers and international agencies, providing up-to-date transportation and inventory requirements. 
-Analyzed international customs, laws and practices documents, provided recommendations to directors for optimal ways to support military campaigns both in the United States and combat areas overseas.  
-Assisted in coordinating security training and hazardous material training requirements for over 45 personnel, including personnel from other agencies assigned to the Security Element. 
-Supervised strategic mobility teams (5 members each) provided sustainability analysis to directors resulting in accurate delivery of supply and personnel. 
-Managed 4 small teams (consisting of 10 members each), supervised lean logistics cycles. 
-Prepared logistic movements strategy plans to support relief efforts of over $3M and 250,000 pieces of equipment in both Pakistan and Yemen. 
-Provided logistics recommendations strategies to support relief efforts for Afghanistan and Iraq. 
-Communicated logistics movements to customers and team members. 
-Provided logistics recommendations strategies to support relief efforts for Afghanistan and Iraq. 
-Communicated logistics movements to customers and team members. 

American Public University (Charlestown, WV) (Current Student) 
Master of Business Administration in Transportation and Logistics Management 
Concentration in Reverse Logistics / Transportation and Logistics Management  
August 2017 – Present 
Core Requirements: 
History of Transportation, Transportation Economics, Strategic Inter-modal Transportation, Global Logistics 
Management, Transportation Policy and Planning, RFID Uses in Logistics 

American Military University (Charlestown, WV) (Graduated) 
Bachelor of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management 
Concentration in Business Logistics   
January 2014 – May 2017 
Core Requirements: 
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Business Management, International Logistics Management, 
Best Practices in Reverse Logistics, Introduction to Transportation Management, Transportation Economics, Supply Chain Management, Fundamentals of Inter-modal Transportation, Distribution Systems 
Concentration Requirements: 
International Business Management, Management Information Systems, Logistics Management and Operations, 
Best Practices in Reverse Logistics, International Trade and Regulations 

Abbeville High School (Abbeville, LA) 
General Studies / High School Diploma  
August 1997 – May 2001 

Project Management  
Asset Management  
Customer Service Data Analysis  
Inventory Control  
Cost Reduction  
Continuous Improvement Mathematical Analysis 
Logistics Planning  
Software Programs: 
Microsoft Office Suite  
ORACLE Logistics WorldPort 
Shippers Edge  
Outlook Suite  
References Available Upon Request

Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Supervisor