Lilly Price Social Media Intern
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Location: Boone, NC, USA
School: Appalachian State University
Field of Study: Communications, Advertising

Lilly Price Social Media Intern

I could post my full resume of all the jobs I've had working in the food and retail industry as a high school student, or I can explain what makes me the perfect fit for this internship!

I am a second-year college student, majoring in advertising. I went into this major because I grew up around the time that social media got extremely big. I love Instagram and Facebook so I currently manage social media accounts for a local apartment complex. I brought the idea to the company owner and she let me run with it. I instantly got the passwords to the accounts and free reign! I am very skilled at picking out captions and I have a great eye for grammatical errors.
I've wanted to work in the fashion business for so long but I've changed my mind on what area so many times.
I wanted to be a merchandiser for a while, then I wanted to be a magazine editor, and now I want to be a digital media marketer. I find both worlds to be so full of surprises every day and that's what makes it so exciting!

I also get asked by a lot of starter companies on Instagram to promote their products. I write really detailed reviews, which drive up their revenue. Even though I'm still learning how the whole advertising world works, I have a really strong concept of it already mapped out.

I know I'd be a great intern for No Kill Magazine and I hope you think so as well!

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